Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Serving Pervs

Bizarro is brought to you today by Nine Nekked Men.

This cartoon appeals to me not because I think that transvestites are perverts – what do I care what somebody wears?– but because it sort of represents the hypocrisy we've seen in the news lately.

Once again, politicians who had formerly been outspoken and very "Jesusy" about others for cheating on their wives have been caught cheating on their wives. A politician who was turned down for a federal judgeship by a Senate judiciary committee years ago for being a racist, is the ranking Republican on the committee reviewing Judge Sotomayor. And he is, of course, accusing her of being racist. Business as usual in Washington.

Back to transvestites, I'd much rather see a man dressed in drag than anyone dressed like this.

NOTE: Before the "what about Bill Clinton?" comments start pouring in, I'm not talking about politicians who cheat, I'm talking about politicians who use their religious beliefs as a cudgel and toss around terms like "family values" like a frisbee. Yes, Bill Clinton and many other Democrats have been cheating scum. The difference to my mind is that they don't whip up the religious right to vote for them by pretending to be otherwise. Just my opinion, not worth a nickle more than you paid for it.


Anonymous said...

Maybe a slight misfire. The prosecutor, who's the one doing the ranting and the accusing, would, in the current climate, be the one secretly doing something unspeakable to a chicken under the table even as he fervently denounces the accused.

Unknown said...


Anonymous said...

Hey I blame men in politics, I have never heard of a woman being involved in a sex scandal, oh what? Hilary Clinton hired a manwhore and got caught? No, it's just stupid MEN!


Alice Kottmyer said...

Something is definitely wrong with those nekkid men.

Chriss Pagani said...

Amen, bro!

Unknown said...

The republicans shove religious clap-trap down our throats, the democrats shove the intrusive nanny state down our throats. Both parties need to butt out of our lives.

Anonymous said...

I think the best ovservation on this sort of thing was Bill Mahar's bit when it was suggested (about a year ago) that John McCain had been involved with a blond lobbyest: "Yes, I know what you're thinking ... a republican cheating on his wife? ... with a woman?"

RSJ said...

As the saying goes, "It's not the sex, it's the stomach-turning, forehead-slapping hypocrisy."

I think it's interesting that 'Promise Keeper' Sen. John Ensign (R-NV) doesn't think his affair with his friend's wife and subsequent buying off of her silence is enough reason to resign his lofty post.

And Gov. Mark Sanford (R-SC) has been caught comparing himself to King David and believes he is paying a price by staying in his cushy state job and collecting his $106K a year salary and perks.

I wonder if either one of these supposed 'True Believer' Christians realize that Jesus himself never spoke a word against gays but bitterly and repeatedly condemned hypocrisy.(Read the Sermon on the Mount in Matthew and elsewhere in the NT.)

Some say it's money, but I think hypocrisy really is the root of all evil. It's contained in the Golden Rule: 'Do unto others...'

Anonymous said...

I remember when for a nickle you could buy a pickel.


Nowax said...

I couldn't tell: was that poor creature on that dumb hick's head a weasel or was that a weasel when I clicked the "politician" link?

(That village idiot that Texas lost in the 90's turned up in Alabama and won election as Senator.)

doug nicodemus said...

ok here is a bill clinton comment - why is it that republicans are OK with crimes committed in the whitehouse..like burglars under nixon, iran contra under reagan, and torture under the little bush but pile on to a cheater? the hypocrisy is glaring to most...but apparently that is what gets you elected.

Penny Mitchell said...

You are spot-on. Mark Sanford, Eliot Spitzer, Jim McGreevey, Larry Craig...the list goes on and on. Mark Sanford was the one who stated on record that censure was not enough of a punishment for Bill Clinton. He stated this right before he voted to impeach Clinton.

But GLBT people can't get married, because these holier-than-thou freaks feel they must protect the sanctity of marriage. They obviously don't give a rip about the sanctity of their OWN marriage vows, but by God, you're going to keep YOURS sacred.

It literally makes me sick. As a follower of Jesus of Nazareth, I really with these lying scumbags would just shut the hell UP, already.

Anonymous said...

This one made me smile. A lot. Maybe because it's probably happening somewhere right now.

Another side note: I'd totally wear that hick-hat you linked.

RSJ said...

@Deisy, July 14: As George Carlin once said, "Au contraire, mon frere."

Helen Chenoweth was a conservative Republican Congresswoman from Idaho who confessed to having a six-year long extramarital affair. In 1998, saying "personal conduct and integrity does matter" Chenoweth called for Bill Clinton to resign, but this was prior to the story of her own adulterous affair years before leaking out. (Details here: http://writ.news.findlaw.com/dean/congsexscandals.html)

There are also the tabloid tales that Sarah Palin had an affair with her husband Todd's business partner. I wouldn't be surprised if that turned out to be true.

But women are at a distinct disadvantage to powerful men in this regard -- there are simply fewer of them in positions of power so, of course, there will be fewer sex scandals.

I think when the day comes that gender parity is reached in US politics and business, you'll find just as many powerful women playing around as you do men now.

isee3dtoo said...

RSJ - Good call, however, there is a place where women out number men and for some strange reason there has been too many cases of sexual misconduct lately, or maybe the news media just over sensationalizes it. That place is the school system and the misconduct is female school teachers have sex with with their male students.

Piraro said...

Biologically,humans are not strictly monogamous by nature, we "choose" it because it suits us socially. So it is difficult for people with ready access to new sex partners to resist forever. Some do better than others, but the real crime is when ethics get crushed and people get hurt for want of a quick crotch buzz.

RSJ said...

@Piraro: I agree, and the more power and money a person has, the more often opportunities for 'hanky-panky,' uh, arise.

It's said that 'Washington is Hollywood for ugly people,' but I think more accurately that should read for untalented and unimaginative people, with some notable exceptions.

Most kids wanted to be rock stars in high school; the future politicians wanted to be on the debating team or Tracy Flick.

Speaking of rock stars, some only slightly-bitter ex-wife of one of them was asked in an interview if she minded when her husband slept with groupies. "No, not really," she responded, "That comes with the territory, like hair dye, shoe lifts and stuffing socks down your pants." Whoa!