Monday, July 27, 2009

Whap Goes the Weasel

Bizarro today is brought to you by Carnivorous Cabbage.

One more cartoon from my friend and colleague, Wayno of Pittsburgh. I like his gags and have featured a small handful in Bizarro over the past few months, with his permission, of course.

I like the contradictory image of a guy using a "carrot on a stick," not to entice, but to intimidate. If you want to see more of what Wayno has been up to, he has asked me to direct you to his FacialBook page.

In other news, a reader in Scandinavia has permanently scarred his body with one of my bits of artwork and I wish to thank him for sending the photos below. I am always honored when this happens, and would like to publicly state here and now that anyone who indelibly disfigures their body with artwork from Bizarro will get a personal sympathy card from yours truly. Other, more egoistic cartoonists might offer currency, jewels, or merchandise, but I am a humble man.


Janta said...

Uh, gross!

(Not the tattoo... the sympathy card!)

Nowax said...

Re the "personal sympathy card": I don't understand that poem and the accompanying graphic. Am I supposed to feel sorry for the lady putting in her contact lenses? I GUESS that can be painful. But really, do we need to bring Jesus into it? Shouldn't you just ask Jesus for perfect vision? Just asking.

Karl said...


The guy with the pie on this thigh (damn that would have rhymed) sorry ankle, is a nice tribute to your artwork and symbolisms. Only problem seeing a pie on an hairy leg with a heavy wool sock, makes me kind of lose my appetite for sweets.

RSJ said...

I like the ambiguousness of the tattoo -- sure, it could be simply a nice piece of pie on a plate, but it could also be a grinning alligator with three eyes, gleefully anticipating his next meal.

marine_explorer said...

This cartoon is an accurate depiction of working for many corporations, imo.

Gotta love it...I think I'll mail this to the CEO of the "evil empire."

Iwantcake said...

"RJS" is not the only one hwo has seen an aligator insted of a pie.
Whos to blame? Dan or the tattoo artist!?

/"The hairy leged tattoed man"