Thursday, July 2, 2009


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This cartoon doesn't make literal sense, really, but it amuses me nonetheless. "Nonetheless" is an odd word, created by shoving together three words that people said regularly to make a single word. Other examples are "furthermore," "therefore," and "notwithstanding." Seems kind of random.

Why have we not done this with Iloveyou? Or soanyway? Or yourenotgonnabelievethis, howhaveyoubeen, yourekiddingme, getoffofme, wheresmydamngun, or howmanytimesdoIhavetotellyouIamnotgay?

I don't speak German, but I've heard that language does this a lot.



Alice Kottmyer said...

German does do that a lot. I heard that's why they lost the war. That, and the practice of putting verbs at the end of sentences, so you have to wait to see what you're being ordered to do.

But then I dropped out of German, so what do I know.

Chriss Pagani said...

Give it time, Dan, just giveitime.

Karl said...

Wondering if this is the same unfortunate character, with an eye injury, whose mother kept her career as a sword swallower, while she was pregnant with him (earlier Bizarro cartoon). Tragically, for him, it looks like a similar injury.

Incorporeal Bob said...

We don't do that in English, so fuggetaboutit.