Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Reap it Good

Bizarro is brought to you today by Dignity in Death.

I draw bar scenes a lot because it is a good setting for people to make pronouncements about their lives, but I usually dread it. When drawn from the customer's point of view, the bottles of liquor are a vexation (though they provide lots of spots for the symbols), and when drawn from the bartender's perspective, there is the problem of the rest of the room.

Occasionally, when I'm not pressured by late deadlines or other things to do, I'll really get into a detailed drawing of a barroom or a city street scene. When I've got the time, I enjoy it. But whether I'm in the mood for it or not, I always do it because I know a lot of my readers like the extra details.

Who cares about these trivial details of your life, Dan? you might ask. As I type this, I'm asking that of myself.

Sorry to have bothered you.


isee3dtoo said...

Well the look on their face the caption is either about women or Superman. However, I offer the following optional caption.

Bartender Perspective:

Hairy Dude: I hate it when feces get caught in my hair.

Angel: You got problems? I can't fly with feces on my tail feathers.

Wolverine: Yes the Baday is out of order and these metal claws just get in the way.

Caption at bottom: Superhero bathroom complaints.

Anonymous said...

you are a nice person, you are. shows from ur adding that thing at the end n others. ur blog isn't it? it IS pretty interesting for ur fans, don't worry...

David said...

Gary Larson also used the bar scene a lot. Source of rich humor.

JohnM said...

My first reaction to the dress a dog video was similar to how I feel about using corn to make ethanol: what a waste of food, then I remembered, I haven't eaten a hotdog in 25 years. I stopped eating them even before I became a vegetarian. And the corn used to make ethanol is a far cry from actual corn.

doug nicodemus said...

holy moley batman you are on a tear lately..

i love your dead dude stuff...

your blog is funnier though

sheer.nothingness said...

@ic3d2: I always knew as much- after exams, college professors lose their minds.

Don't take that the wrong way- I am working very hard to be one myself.

mk, I take this is an opportunity for me to say: While I probably have no interest in what you ate for dinner last night, these particular trivial details are quite interesting.

Bartender Perspective:
Beast: The glass is half full.
ArchAngel: The glass is half empty.
Wolverine: Who gives a s***, I can't pick it up anyway.

Waldo said...

Or something along the line...

Hairy Dude: I never was on Cheers or been to Seattle.

Angle: My character was left on the cutting room floor...

Wolverine: ...and Hugh Jackman made me cuddly. I hate cuddly..

Caption at Bottom: Affects of Hollywood on the original X-men

(Ok, I will keep my day job...)

Karl said...

Funny, but there's always something so cheerful about the death dude. In this case it's seeing the reaper depressed, that's hilarious.

Nowax said...

I care, Dan Piraro! I care! (Why else would I make a point of surfing to your site every night before I turn off my computer?) I find you and your blog great!

Like everyone in my 8th grade yearbook wrote, "Keep being you!"

Unknown said...

Thank you for the card Dan! It wasn't necessary, but it cracked me up.
Your cartoons really are amazing, and I'm so glad you've got your blog - I live in South Africa and the Bizarros in our papers are really small.
Keep it up... <3