Saturday, May 30, 2009

Krakatoa Komedy

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Last week, at the National Cartoonists Society's annual convention (weekend of drinking and goofing off), I met Johnny Hart's grandson, Mason, who now works on B.C. since his grandfather's passing in 2007. He's a great kid (I call anyone under 30 a "kid" now) and I wish him lots of success.

He's got big shoes to fill as Johnny was one of the best and most consistent gag writers in the business, as well as being a terrific artist. According to those of my colleagues who "knew him when," he was also quite the party animal and tons of fun to hang out with. By the time I met him he had already undergone his infamous conversion to Christian fundamentalism and was pretty quiet and unassuming. Maybe the booze gave him his personality, I didn't know him well enough to say. I'm sure he was still a great guy, just not a party animal. Still, one can't resist being amused by the irony of a cartoon called, in effect, "Before Christ," having so many strips each year dedicated to Christian biblical messages. In spite of this and his controversial political opinions, he was and still is revered as one of the greats of newspaper cartooning.

I never met the guy who created Fred Flintstone, but I hear he is now in Geico commercials.


doug nicodemus said...

that is pretty funny maybe a haha

i got my thank you card from the woodstock people today...i just could have given more.

ces just started google ads so if you go to our website and click a couple of them you will be raising money for us.

Chriss Pagani said...

Fear of death drives many people to cling to anything, however irrational, that tells them they won't really cease to exist despite all evidence to the contrary. I totally empathize with that.

It's just too bad that while exorcising those fear-of-death demons, some accidentally cast out their sense of humor as well.

Unknown said...

The Flintstones also celebrated Christmas despite living before Christ. Common theme in caveman comedy, but it completely boggles the mind.

Anonymous said...

The secret portal doesn't work anymore!

Unknown said...

That is cool you can give props to a guy you disagree with. Some people are really harsh in their reactions to him.