Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Zither Here Nor There

Today's Bizarro is brought to you by Rock 'n' Roll Music!

It is weird to think that for most people, by the time you hit middle age, you've made a million dollars cumulatively. Where the hell does it all go?

I wish I'd saved more, invested more wisely, spent less on plastic dust covers for all my furniture and lamps. If I had, perhaps I'd be able to retire by now and spend more time on my real passions, miniature golf and the zither.

For now, I'll just keep plugging away at a cartoon each day and buying lottery tickets. Eventually, it's all bound to pay off.

By the way, this idea came from my friend in LA, Chris Fisher. He works behind the camera in video and film so he gets to hang out with big TV and movie stars sometimes. While working on HBO's "John Adams," he gave one of my books to Paul Giamatti, for which I will be eternally grateful. Here is a candid shot of him sharing it with Laura Linney.


Waldo said...

ahh the lottery...

Even though I buy a ticket every other month or so, I am a firm believer of the following (paraphrasing): "The odds of winning the lottery are the same whether you play or not"

P.L. Frederick said...

So true! Plus, aren't “winnings” taxed at like, 50%?

P.L. Frederick (Small & Big)

Matt Henderson said...

After $8 per hour, for 38 hours a week, 52 weeks a year for 63 years, this guy will have really cleaned up....

isee3dtoo said...

This comic reminds me of buying a new car:

Based on a true story and why I don't drive a Ford.

Me: I want the car for $20K at 0% for 5 years.

Them: How much can you afford a month?

Me: You don't get it do you, $20K at 0% for 5 years.

Them: How much can you afford a month and would you like the extended warranty at $2K?

Me: Again, $20K at 0% for 5 years, no extended warranty, no undercoat, no decal on the back of the car saying where I bought it.

Them: How much can you afford a month and what about an ice cream maker in the back seat for $3K?

Me: One last time, $20K at 0% for 5 years, no anything else, however put your company logo decal on the back bumper. Do you know where I can buy a bumper sticker that says "Get Reamed at"?

Them: So that is $22K at 0% for 5 years.

Me: I think I don't need a new car.

Them: Oh, $20K

--- Go to sign contract, and reading it?

Me: What is the extra $2K for?

Them: The extended warranty.

Me: See ya

b0b said...

A million dollars ain't what it used to be.