Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Bizarro is brought to you today by Friendly Tongues.

It's been a dark day at Bizarro headquarters. Late last night my computer went into a deep coma. In spite of heroic efforts on my and several Apple expert emergency personnel's part, its brainwaves remain as flat as the top of Rob Blagojevich's head (under the brunette tower of protein.)

Tomorrow it goes into surgery and intensive care. (My computer, not Blagojevich's hair) If you have a god, please say a prayer to him/her/it/them and keep your fingers crossed. I backed everything up recently, so that's good, but it's never recent enough.

Meanwhile, I've lost a lot of recent emails and an entire day of work, so I may not be posting as often in the next few days as I deal with my grief and scramble to recover lost time and work.

Also, I was three or four weeks behind on many emails, so if you sent me something more than a day ago and I have not answered, please resend it. If you are not looking for the answer to an old email, however, please don't add to the smothering heap of laundry I currently have raining down on my head. If you wait a week or two before sending me a new email, it will be much appreciated and will be answered more quickly. Thanks.

Today's cartoon isn't a thigh slapper, but I like the picture. It was fun anthropomorphizing all these birds and think it turned out pretty well.


ldisme said...

hahaha, the expressions on their faces, especially pol's, the bartenders tail feathers, the 5th bird just hangin around, (and _her_ is one of my profile pix)

gl with your puter, stoopid 'lectronic stuff anyway

isee3dtoo said...

As a Apple/Mac user since 1980 I know it is rare for a Mac to die but when they do, you can be screwed. I was really hesitant about using Time Machine, the Apple product that automatically backs up your files and you can set it up to do it wirelessly. But I have to admit it is awesome.

The cool thing is it backs up e-mail as well, you can go back into time and see how you move files or even check your e-mail inbox for files you thought you long ago deleted. Really awesome unless you are a pedophile and you don't want the feds to know what you are looking at. Finding a Time Machine hard drive will make the CSI work really easy.

isee3dtoo said...

BTW, the tree god, "her", is awesome. Thanks for the link.

Jeremy said...

I don't even know your email address. You probabaly wouldn't answer me anyway, you sound like you're busy.

I have not started using Time Machine yet, don't have a big enough external HD. My new iMac has a 320G HD and it only has 40G left, so I should probabaly consider using it. I downloaded a Batman screen saver once and when I ran the install program it cleared out the folder I ran it from (Which was the desktop!!). I lost a lot of files that day, it sucked.

Jeremy said...

Btw, it sounds like you already have someone lined up but if that doesn't work out I recommend, he's in your part of the island I think too. Tell him MacMan851 sent you.

Macboy Inc.
Serving the New York Metro Area
Phone: (718) 499-2959
Macboy is William Levin (

Rebecca C. Brown said...

I dunno, I slapped my thigh. Polly looks so dejected!

isee3dtoo said...

Jeremy, check out

$100 for 750 GB hard drive, great for Time Machine, and its worth your money.

Piraro said...

Thanks for the computer advice, folks. I'll be trying out Time Machine when I get my computer back, or a new one (yikes) and I've saved the Macboy info for later.

As "W" would say, 'preciate it'.

doug nicodemus said...

did not get it but that's ok. fun image

Anonymous said...

This Bizarro is just about as lame as it gets.

Anonymous said...

I have to disagree with your comment about this comic not being a "thigh slapper." I think it's hilarious. I like all your work, but this is one of my faves.

kerrikoo said...

Maybe you'd like it better if he replied.. "all I have is nuts"??