Saturday, December 6, 2008

Turkey Quack

Bizarro is brought to you today by Holiday Fashions for Less.

This ran a couple days after Thanksgiving or something. I often do some really blatant animal-rights message around Thanksgiving, but this year I soft-sold it a bit.

I'm still in Califromia and had a great event at Booksmith on Haight Street last night. Good crowd, fun presentation. Sold out of books. Can't ask for more than that.

Today I'm at an indy bookstore in Clayton, Ca, a couple hours east of here, I think. Someone from the store is driving me there. If I disappear and am never heard from again, show this blog to the authorities.


isee3dtoo said...

If you drive two hours east of SF you are NOT in Clayton, CA, you are in the "sticks" and your body will never be found. That is more likely Rio Vista, CA, home of the crawdad festival, and lots of places to get rid of a body.

Jezzka said...

isee3dtoo is right, where the heckle and jekyll is clayton anyway! please don't get dead.

quick, break into my parent's driveway and steal my car, i'm sure my little pedals are off, i think my father is joy riding in it these days. i won't mind, you can borrow the beast, just don't touch my coveted bruce lee rear view mirror ornament.

if i was on the west i would give you a ridey poo, but i am too busy making movies on the east side.

actually, you probably don't want me driving you anyway, i just remembered the time when i tried to parallel park on buchanan, with you and the missus in my car, my god that street was almost vertical, i was so afraid i was going to crash into the beamer behind me or the lexus in front. you were nice to offer to park the damn thing, but well taking those pedals off would've made us all exhausted.

ugh, parking in sf stinks...

glad to hear the signings are going well!!

Anonymous said...

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Unknown said...

Dan, I was at the Clayton event and it was a lot of fun (you signed two books for me, one of which was shorter than the other). After I left I kinda felt bad because I should have offered to drive you back to the city. As a fellow vegan but who lives in Walnut Creek, I know there is no food for miles and you're already quite skinny. Thanks again for the visit to my neck of the woods and thanks for your animal rights work. Scott

Piraro said...

Thanks for the offer, Scott. It was good to meet you today and chat. I got back to the city okay via BART and even had a vegan burrito before I left. By the way, I'm not as skinny as I look, I wear a very tight girdle under my clothing.

Anonymous said...

now that turkey is just a LITTLE creapy!

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