Thursday, December 4, 2008

Holiday Combo Special

I'm away from Bizarro International headquarters for a few days, doing some book store appearances in Northern Californy, so my blogs will be simple or missing. Normal sched should resume next Wednesday. Until then, I'll try to post a cartoon or two here and there, with limited comments.

This idea is from my nutty buddy, Derek. It ran last week on Thanksgiving Day, of course. I'm an animal rights advocate, so all Thanksgiving Days are thoughtlessly violent calamities in my book.

This one was fun to draw and I like the imagery a lot.


Unknown said...

I enjoyed this cartoon. I'm a vegan and this year I asserted myself and asked my family if we could spare the turkey this year. I was so happy not to have to look at the dead turkey this year.

I did not know you were an animal rights advocate. I'm really writing on today's comic in the LA Times about the elephants. I like the message a lot, it is very appropriate especially with the controversy surrounding Billy the elephant and LA Zoo. I'm happy because for now construction of the elephant exhibit is halted. Thanks for creating this cartoon because I truly love elephants and I know that they are such intelligent magnificent beasts who deserved to be treated with love and compassion always.

Anonymous said...

is this the same nutty buddy that refuses to visit this blog now?

SAYOTTE316 said...


Are you really a professional greeter?

Anonymous said...

no, just an amateur. but a boy can dream.

Anonymous said...

what, no tofurkey?

Jeremy said...

In case you don't post today's comic for comment in your absence I would like to comment that it was freaking hilarious and very relevant for Oregon. Since we vote by mail there is no exit for people to poll at. I'll bet they call people and ask if they voted and then who they voted for but if someone was lazy and didn't vote but had a strong opinion they would have an opportunity to trick the pollster.

A lot of resident forgo the mail and just drop it off at drop boxes spread throughout the cities so this is what it would look like to do an exit poll in Oregon, except the guy would be standing at a drop box.

Funny stuff, bravo!

SAYOTTE316 said...

Jeremy is posting as anonymous,,,,hahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa