Monday, December 8, 2008

Modern Times and Lovers

Bizarro is brought to you today by Great Music.

Most pundits predicted that Joe the Plumber would burn out quickly after the election and return to the well-deserved obscurity that he has worked so hard to attain. But, under his policy of surrounding himself with rivals, Prez-El Obama has hired him to be White House plumber. (Even though Joe "the Plumber" W- [I cannot remember his real last name for the life of me] has no plumbing license.)

Perhaps when he sees his taxes go DOWN because he isn't the semi-wealthy entrepreneur he was pretending to be for the McCain campaign, he'll eventually admit he's been in the wrong party all along.

Still in Le Bay Area, CHNW, my cartoonist/stand-up comic friend, Michael Capozzola, and I went to see Jonathan Richman at the Great American Music Hall last night. Great show, love that guy.


Daniel Joseph Sardella said...

also a big fan of JR, especially the self-titled Modern Lovers album and a few of his solo albums in particular.

isn't Jonathan a fellow veg/vegan?

Stevie G.B. said...

Jonathan Richman is a GOD..

Did he do "Hospital" or "Pablo Picasso"?

I have seen him a dozen times. He plays a lot of that spanish guitar now. Still classic. Nobody like Jonathan.

Daniel Joseph Sardella said...

stevie g.b.-

"hospital" and "pablo picasso" are indeed both classic modern lovers songs.

Jeremy said...


So awesome. I love the look son his face. He is squarly put where he deserves to be. Plumping. Not punditry, not an author, not a trustworthy infomercial host.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha. Because he needs a job and Obama is giving people jobs. How about something clever next time, eh?

SAYOTTE316 said...

This cartoon is pure genius, funniest one over...i said it chuckie now get the knife out of my butt.

Jezzka said...

aw, you guys got to see jonathan richman, i am übér jealous!

Anonymous said...

Please note sarcasm: Oh c'mon! Is it really that difficult to remember, "Wurzelbacher"?

Unknown said...

Perhaps after 2 Bush terms followed by an Obama term, both Democrats and Republicans will find out they're in the wrong parties. Plumber Joe included

Off topic, I invite you all to read "A Message to Barack Obama":