Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Christmas Humor

My friend and colleague, J. C. Duffy, of The Fusco Brothers syndicated strip and New Yorker magazine cartoon fame, posted what I consider to be a funny cartoon and a clever poem last week. The cartoon is at right, seek ye here for the poem.

His other posts are quite amusing, as well. His blog is one of my few daily reads.


derekamalo said...

you gotta feel special brother he dont answer his bloggers the question was it the fusco brothers name taken from mob fammily he and others i know grew up with

i dont read family strip or continuing plot characters if i did id know through the characterization myself

however 2009 ill be sticking to still not reading those strips..

yes im already buzzing and i dont even drink

happy new years dan keep up the good work on blogging and cartoons

a few months back i discovered on line the first time a comic strip called rubes..

the strip is pretty funnny and like dan the guy responds to email

john said...

^^ yeah, what he said.