Thursday, July 10, 2008

Scary Products

Hey, you crazy mofos, I want to share with you some kewl new products that a good friend of mine (a talented artist/designer whom I taught everything he knows when he first got out of art school) has launched along with his wife to try to feed their new kid.

As readers of this blog well know, I'm completely against human reproduction, so I will never speak to my friend again. The child, however, who didn't ask to be brought into this heinous world, is innocent and deserves to eat. So check out the site and buy some crap. If you want to look like me, I'll be sporting the devil and scary clown shirts. There are other worthy designs there, too.

Don't forget to click the images herein to enlargenate. Be careful with the clown, though. When large, it will scare the chutney out of you.


julie said...

Scary clown!

No... No, no, no no nooooooooo!

I'll never feel safe here again.

B.A.D. said...

Was the Devil modeled after you? You share similar profile features.

doug nicodemus said...

sort of simple designs for someone who went to art his wife related to yours..they look similar.

Piraro said...

Doug wife relations.

b.a.d....his characters all tend to look like himself a bit, as many artists' do. I just happen to look fairly devilish. :)

B.A.D. said...

It much be the facial hair... or perhaps the horns hiding under that stylish hat of yours?