Friday, July 4, 2008

Soup or Powers

Bizarro is brought to you today by Invisible Headphones.

I've often wondered if I had a choice between invisibility on demand or being able to fly (without apparatus), which I would choose.

As a teenager, I thought the best thing about invisibility would be access to the girl's locker room. As an adult, I think more about standing behind the President at a televised news conference and yanking his feet out from under him every time he lies.

The ability to fly at will would be amazing, especially with the escalating price of gas and mass transit. It would be a blast, but only truly useful if you could carry luggage.

The Invisible Man had to be naked to be totally invisible, a caveat that would allow you to use the ability only when weather conditions permitted. And what if it was a bit chilly so you wore clothes to the location of your planned caper, then disrobed, then returned to find your clothes had been stolen? It would be a cold walk home. People stepping on your feet would also be a hazard.

I personally have experienced invisibility on a number of occasions at singles bars. And I wasn't even naked.


Ben said...

I think that invisibility wouldn't hide dirt on your skin either. You'd have to be a real clean freak to get by. Even so, people would probably see twenty crescent shaped lines of dirt under the finger and toe nails.

doug nicodemus said...

i think having a power for me would be dependent on its dependability(sp?). i would not want to be either invisible naked or flying and have the powers quit. I would love the invisible think because i am an incredible snoop. i would love walking into people's houses to watch the kinky things they do. flying would be a trip, and if i could do the superman thing and fly in i would do that in a heart beat.

Penny Mitchell said...

You'd be an invisible guy with really huge muscles from all that exertion, because every time he lies is every damn time is mouth is open.

HollyBerry said...

you would have to sleep with a pillow over your head because your eyelids would be transparent.

could you get sunburned?

would dogs still bark at you when you walked by?

would the food you eat immediately disappear when you close your mouth?

Daniel Joseph Sardella said...


Is it just me or are there 5 symbols in this strip while the number above your signature is only 4?


Craig Zablo said...

If I could have any power, it would be the power to move through time [forward and backward] without aging. Now THAT would be cool.

Anonymous said...

I've managed to be invisible in social situations myself, but sometimes I actually try my best at it though.

kerrikoo said...

I believe the K-2 cream was meant to be invisible as well.. I mean, who would be caught dead at the beach with a tube of K-2... In that case, there would have only been 4 symbols.. instead of 5..