Saturday, July 26, 2008


Today's Bizarro is brought to you by My Faulty Brain.

Hello from Sunny San Diego, my BizarroBlogBuddies. Just before I left my estate in Brooklyn yesterday, I loaded all the appropriate cartoons that I would need to continue posting on this blog onto a little dealy-bobber stick so I could bring them with me. Then I left the dealy-bobber stick in my computer at home. What I have learned from this experience is that dealy-bobber sticks, no matter how well-designed, do not work at a distance of 2400 miles.

So I'm posting this older cartoon, which happens to be one of my faves from last year, because it was already on my laptop. 

Okay, kids, I'm off to the Comic Con to see strange people in stranger outfits. Next week I'll post a blog with my own pics from this year's show and a ridiculous running comentary.

I hope you like this panel and are not going to be a jerk about it.


doug nicodemus said...

they ran the "next window please" one today. don't which one is funnier. you always brighten my day.

Robert Gidley said...

If I had a dollar for every time I left the dealy-bopper stick in the wrong place, I'd have--well at least enough to buy another dealy-bopper stick.

disabled account said...

i don't even have a dealy-bopper stick. i'm not important enough.

i really liked this cartoon though. speaks volumes, but it's too bad that the jerks of the world probably won't get it. jerks never know they're being jerks, do they?

i bet san diego is really nice right now.

Penny Mitchell said...

This born again Christian girl yells, "BRAVO!!!!!!"

I wish every right-wing "believer" in the country would be honest enough with him/herself to really ponder this cartoon. It ain't gonna happen, but a girl can dream.

Hey Dan, can't you come up with a cartoon that deals with those stupid-ass "purity balls" that are all the rage right now among the Focus on the Family set?

Have a blast in CA!

Anonymous said...

Dealy-bopper stick? Not to worry, it's safe here at home, even though all of these foster cats are in heat. I did end up locking it in the closet, just to be safe...
And yes, all foster cats, in heat or otherwise, will only be adopted out once they're, um, "fixed."
No offense to nature, just pet overpopulation.

HollyBerry said...

ahh yes.. i had a near run-in with one of those jerks this morning. had it been an actual run-in, i would have been involved in a car accident. i was actually surprised that he didn't have a bush/cheney sticker on his bumper.. but you can really only expect so much from jerks with cars.

Mel2 said...

I would get this cartoon on a t-shirt in a heartbeat.

marine_explorer said... it! I doubt this one will get into the church newsletter.

crf said...

This is one of my two favourite bizarroes.

The other one, from 2004, is where a little girl at boy's birthday party asks the boy's mother whether one can still have cake and ice cream if they're not happy he was born.

Please run that one again around Christmas time :-) .

B.A.D. said...

Godly gate gags never get old.