Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Fruity Fun For Free

Bizarro is brought to you today by the Teresa Heinz Foundation for Condiment Awareness.

How often do you think to put fruit on your hamburger or hot dog? Or have pasta with fruit sauce? What about dipping your french fries in a fruit salsa?

Well even if you think you would never do such a thing, I am here to tell you that you would too! You do it all the time! For the plain scientific truth is, the tomato is a fruit, not a vegetable!!!

For eight more little-known facts, one of which has to do with handcuffs, go here.


disabled account said...

hugh grant is a spicy tomato fruit.

i knew that about tomatoes....did you know that peanuts aren't nuts? they're legumes.

i know, the power of knowledge is amazing. :)

the cartoon caused quite a giggle-fest.

Anonymous said...

AAGH! I've been Hugh-rolled!

Did you know that the word "vegetable" is not a scientific term, but a culinary one? So, the tomato can be both fruit and can eggplants, cucumbers, and squashes. Trust's in Wikipedia!

Also, Dan, did you know that you can enable an inline comment box for your posts? It's one of Blogger's beta features. Check it out...

Mel2 said...

Hugh Grant was born in London?! No -- It cannot possibly be so. NOBODY is born in London! What an incredible and very-little-known fact.

A friend once told me: Knowledge is being aware that tomatoes are fruit. Wisdom is not putting them in a fruit salad.

Great panel today.

Anonymous said...

i was planning to donate my eyes when i go to that apple cobbler in the sky. my eyes, they've seen things!!

hee hee. i crack me up.

Garrett Williams said...

I put pineapple on my hamburgers(and occasionally veggieburgers). Fruit on a burger doesn't sound all that weird to me, tomatofruit notwithstanding.
And now that you've called ketchup a salsa, dipping french fries in Pace picante sauce sounds tasty, except for the fact that it wouldn't stick as well to the tater.

Anonymous said...

ooooo! Hahaha Good! Creative.. Hope he's a ketchup donor..I love ketchup! :D

jmarcv said...

Yes, not so weird after all. Pineapple on pizza, raspberry sauce on duck, fruit salsa on mahi-mahi, in a past life I served carrots in orange glaze to the masses...

... but if you want to continue the awe.... we all know? that tomatillas and eggplants are related to tomato and are also fruits, but did we know that peppers are also?

And then we go to the spice world - many of which are fruits.

As don pointed out, almost, a vegetable can be a root or a fruit, a stalk, flower (fruit in the making) or the whole thing.

So technically, a tomato is a "fruit used as a vegetable"

With all the damn sugar in catsup, you have to wonder if catsup isnt closer to using tomato as a fruit afterall. Tomato Jam!

What I find more interesting though, is how we also classify humans into fruits, nuts and vegetables as well.

Tony said...

Tomatoes are legally vegetables, but botanically fruits. Definition depends on context.

There is apparently a legal context for vegetables.

B.A.D. said...

Just pointing out that pineapple makes a delicious veggie burger toping.