Friday, July 11, 2008

Bizarro Icon Shirts

Hello again, my fabulous friends. A reader posted a comment yesterday saying he/she liked the T-shirts in the 3-legged race cartoon and wished they were available. Because I want nothing more in life than to solicit the love of strangers, I have made it happen.

Here is a site in which all manner of products are available with my world-famous iconic images that lead you down the treacherous path to Ultimate Bizarro Awareness.

Veiw them, buy them, wear them, vote in them, change the world with them. I beg of you.


Anonymous said...

i cant get over the fact that you produce a comic everyday. i dont even
wake up everyday.
so u know mf doof mentions bizarro, right? thats worth at least one blog post. sorry i forgot to doublecheck if youve used this bit yet, but i've come this far- i'll leave this remark
and search the page. if by chance this enormity hasnt been attended, i'll write back with the name of the song (i forgot the title). a.p.t.

Jezzka said...

dynamite thong? hmm, very tempting, let me think about it. these are great though!!

HollyBerry said...

i want nothing more than to walk around with your face on my chest.

HollyBerry said...

i also assume you're not the one who came up with the prices on these products... $40 for a tote bag?! c'mon.

Anonymous said...

seriously, tshirts for 35, 40, 45 bucks?????
those prices are outrageous!