Wednesday, February 4, 2009


For you readers who live in the New York City vicinity, I'll be emceeing a really terrific comedy show next week. It's a charity benefit we do every year and is usually a sellout, so get your tix now!

If you come to the show and tell me you found out about it from this blog, I'll give you a coupon for a 50% discount at any retail outlet of any kind in the 50 United States. Just tell them "Dan sent me," then wink.

I know all these comedians and can vouch for their funniness. And I'm one hell of a funny emcee, so you can't miss with this ticket. It's the perfect pre-Valentine's date because scientists have proven in the laboratory that nothing gets people feeling sexy faster than comedy. So-o-o much better than staying at home and being surprised by burglars. Especially French ones.

More info here!


Jeremy said...

Wow, looks to be a fun show. And funny, people, especially Ben Bailey, I love his stand-up.

Unknown said...

Read about the show on this here blog and the Sane Fully Clothed Wife and I made it to the show. It was a great night! I only wish we could have seen you up there with your easel and a drawing pad!