Friday, October 24, 2008

Massage Message

Bizarro is brought to you today by Imported Australian Massage Oil.

As super heroes go, I could use one with mad massage skills more often as just about any other power. If someone flew through my window once a day and gave me acupuncture and massage, I'd be as happy as Lois Lane.

For those of you planning to attend that big annual Bizarro Fan Convention at which people dress like my characters or me, stand in line for hours to get an autograph, exchange meaningless minutiae about my work and get aroused at rumors of a Bizarro movie directed by Peter Jackson, here's a bit of Bizarro trivia: The b/w image below has one fundamental difference from the color one at top, besides the lack of color. Can you find it?

Yes, it is the letter on the super hero's shirt. (Unless you guessed wrong, in which case, no, it is not the [whatever you guessed])

I originally intended this guy to be named "Captain Tension," so in my pencil version, there was a "T" on his chest and the copy at bottom said Captain Tension. As I was inking it, however, I decided to change the name of the character to "Captain Neck Rub," but forgot to change the letter on his chest. I turn in my black and white cartoons on Monday and they get sent through the system and mailed out to all the client papers. I don't send the color versions in until the subsequent Friday and by that time, I had noticed my error and changed it.

Mystery solved, Bizarro officianados. Sleep well.


derekamalo said...

sorry dan as i claimed this was once a dead topic ..

i recieved a letter in my personal account from a bizarro bloggy telling me i should be embarrased that i mentioned my likes of gary larson and you in the same breath ..


in the tenth anniversary book of larsons hes describing an event where when he was on the way to the humane center for a job...and on the way there that he ran over a dog


i tell people a funny story about how i lost my virginity to a hooker and she still to this day is the best lay i had..
in gary larsons point of view it would be as though i was telling you guys before meeting up with the hooker i ended up with a flat tire ....the lady who changed the flat slept with me and i lost my virginity to her see it NEVER HAPPENED ..

why attack dans books when although stories dont seem as exciting they happened ..

i mean dude how stupid can you get

so now i question thIS larson stating he never took a joke from anyone this never ever happened..

i never took a joke from anyone but see my humor it shows lol..

bum buddies... no me and dan are more email anal pushers where occasionally i breajk through the several millin other letters and get a response...

the dislike of frances.....i dont have a problem with they guy in fact i sent email to him same time i looked at his work..

but he didnt acknowledge so he thought of my work same way BUT THIS WAS HIS WAY OF SAYING YOU SUCK TO..

i just know that even if you come into the wealthiest parts of rhode island and explain that you pen sally forth or pen cathy or pen gasoline alley you get beat up

as the mob runs all clubs, newspapers etc in this state

at times dan dont like my comments at times im sure being pals with frances...they get into arguments

but he stays honest and that says something ...ive never ever seen him lie to a blogger or reader

read on and youll see

isee3dtoo said...

This blog is what I like about the BizarroBlog and what bugs me about Anonymous.

Dan actually gives credit in his comics when someone gives him the idea and this blog he explains his mistake or change. That is way cool.

Larson did it in his books to some degree but I don't see too many other comic artist giving credit or discussing changes in their strip.

Way cool.

Anonymous said...

You never explained why I bug you, isee3dtoo. Please, I wait.

And no, I've sent no correspondence to Derek.

Jezzka said...

ew, d, why do you have a terrible photo of cory feldman for the 'aroused' link. bleeck, that was not arousing.

btw, i prefer thigh massages over neck massages any day.

SAYOTTE316 said...

Victor combs the New Yorker and Saturday evening post then gives the ideas he saw in magazines to Dan. Extremely clever.

FIDO said...

Francine is right on the money about these loser bloggers who need to find their own spot to blog its pathetic

as most of you may know my grandpa or as they say in french pepere possesses a virgin ass

the other day i picked up my frail grandpa from off the toilet and sat him on the sink..
i had a credit card bill on the sink that i placed my peperes ass on
anyways after i took him off the sink the bill stuck to his ass...
after removing the bill i discovered a round bum spot that im calling my peperes original
it will go for $550-$850 a pop

lee said...

My husband was diagnosed with fibromyalgia a few years ago. Now, fibromyalgia is largely a useless diagnosis, because it doesn't tell you a cause or a cure, but there was one useful thing to come out of it. We learned that unlike most people, for my husband, neck rubs and vigorous massages were not only ineffective, but probably actively bad.

He had been on vioxx which was discontinued, and had much unexplained pain, as well as the arthritis pain he had for which the vioxx was prescribed. Pain caused tension, and in years past, neck rubs were just the thing to help. In years past, when i massaged his shoulders and neck, I would feel the tension dissapate, but then just when he had more pain causing more tension than ever, neck rubs seemed to make it worse. I thought that my skills were somehow deteriorated: I had just lost my touch. I read about massage, and tried to improve, but when ever I tried, I made things worse.

So we asked the doctor what to do, it hurts when I do this, and the doctor said, "Don't do that then!" like an old joke, but then he explained that it may very well be damaging muscles that no longer seem to have the ability to heal. Saddened, we looked to other ways to reduce tension, and found a few, but never again could indulge in the pleasure of neck rubs.

Piraro said...

That's a very sad story, Lee. I'm sorry you and your husband are going through this and wish you both all the best. Seriously.

FIDO said...

My pepere of course is a vegan also

i am in charge of changing his brief

he eats ridiculous amounts of corn that therefore makes this a very unpleaseurable experience

after wiping his behind i remember good old pepere virgin anus