Sunday, December 5, 2010

Ape Love

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Bizarro is brought to you today by Sexy Vegetables.

Today I offer you a couple of Sunday cartoons, one from last week and one from 2000. "Dave's Auto Repair" is one that my buddy Cliff and I dreamed up while we were tripping on Yak dung in the Himalayas. Once each year, Cliff and I pick some spot on the planet at random, buy a one-way ticket there, bring no money or luggage, then try to figure out a way to earn enough money to get home. We find that it is a real character-building experience. This year's trip involved eating Yak dung, but that's a story for another time.

I chose this old cartoon from the archives because I thought it was kooky and fun. If you know anything about "imprinting," you'll agree that if a human child was raised exclusively by apes in an environment devoid of humans, as Tarzan supposedly was, he would likely be sexually attracted to apes instead of humans. Mrrrow!

I enjoyed drawing these characters and the family photos on the wall, too. It's also worth noting that this cartoon is rife with "secret symbols." There are about 18 or 19 in this one, if you don't count the incomplete ones, like the bunny ears on the carpet that don't really make an entire bunny. I may have been tripping on Yak dung the day I drew this one, too. I can't remember. That's one of the regrettable side effects of Yak dung consumption.*

*Legal disclaimer: This post is in no way meant to encourage anyone to consume the dung of any animal. Or flesh or mammary secretions (dairy), either, for that matter.



Unknown said...

Hey Dan!
I think you will like this website.
Its like wikipedia but fun and lies!

Jan b said...

Had no idea about that imprinting thing. That's interesting? Shouldn't some dogs be sexually attracted to humans then? Or atleast bispecieal?

DaveinToronto said...

Is that Ronnie Raygun & Bonzo?

Piraro said...

@DaveinToronto...yes, indded it is.

Piraro said...

@ Jan b...maybe that's why dogs hump human legs?

Piraro said...

@Jacob... very funny, hadn't see that. Thanks for the link!