Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Holiday Gone

(click the image for LARGERNESS)

Bizarro is brought to you today by Glad It's Over.

I had a dandy holiday weekend, hope you did too. CHNW and I went up to Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary to hang out with a small group of our best friends, ate, drank, napped, hiked, watched movies, regretted having eaten and drank so much, then ate and drank more. On the way home on Sunday, we were nearly trapped in the blizzard that hit the Northeast Coast and only barely made it home.

Thinking back to Hurricane Katrina and the number of wingnuts who claimed that god hit New Orleans with that storm to punish the gays, I can't help but believe that this year god chose to hit one of the most populated areas in the world on one of the busiest travel days of the year to punish those of us who celebrate Christmas. Following that logic, I'd have to say that it is not a Christian god that is in charge of weather. Where are the wingnuts now?

The cartoon above has three puns donated by readers. If you think you've got an original pun that might work nicely in a future Bizarro Sunday Punnies, leave it in the comments section of one of my posts. I don't publish these suggestions, whether good or bad, so don't be alarmed if you don't see your suggestion in the comments section later.

Semi-interesting note about the cartoon above: I send in each cartoon in several different sizes and formats for the various uses that my various clients use variously. In one of them, the one used for the Interwebs, I mistakenly put "Lone" Ranger, instead of the punnier, "Loan". So if you saw the one that says "Lone Ranger" on the web somewhere, that's why. I told you it was only semi-interesting.

Got to get back to removing snow from my various orifices. Hope to be seen by you here tomorrow!



Jodie said...

I thought God was just punishing us with bad Christmas tunes and electric razor ads on TV. But the blizzard makes total sense, unless it was a plot by the airlines to make air travel even more hated. My husband and I don't fly anywhere any more. We drive. Being in Texas it's a long way to anywhere!

Unknown said...

I love the Morton's Salt ad on the snail!

thinkyhead said...

I love puns! The one I'd like to see: "Guac-a-mole" ... you know, the game... Why hitting avocados with a mallet seems funny to me I have no idea. Could be the ubiquity of avocados in the vegan diet is breeding contempt.

Neil J Murphy said...

That wasn't a lone mistake in the third cartoon; I thought the caption should have called him 'The Loan Arranger'

(See what I did there? 'Lone' mistake? OK, I'll stop now...)

Unknown said...

If Chewbacca relieves himself in a forest of Endor, would that be a Wookiee leak?