Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Helium Beards

Bizarro is brought to you today by My New Mustache.

Since I'm way behind on posting cartoons, I'll post a couple each day until I'm caught up. I like both of these a lot, so I wanted to share them with you even though they appeared in the paper a couple of weeks ago.

Seriously, have you ever heard someone who has been breathing helium scream in pain? Neither have I, but I think it would be one of those funny/tragic moments, like when your grandmother is knocked out of her wheelchair by your mom's runaway motorcycle.

The penguin idea came to me after seeing some old Muslim dudes who live in my neighborhood in Brooklyn. They die their beards bright red, I have no idea why but I'm guessing it identifies them as belonging to a certain sect. There's a mosque a few blocks away where they hang out. I've never asked them about the beard color, I just enjoy it.


N Prado said...

The first reminds me of the bizarre revelation Dennis Hopper makes in the extras of David Lynch's Blue Velvet. His character occasionally took a big whiff from a face mask when excited: during a sexual assault and before beating up the protagonist.

Hopper had just come out of drug rehab and suggested to Lynch that his character could be sniffing an aerosolized stimulant. Lynch agreed. However, he had originally intended for the character to be sniffing helium and even rented tanks early in the production. During the dvd's vignette, Hopper wonders aloud if his suggestion made the character less effective in Lynch's surreal atmosphere.

The impropriety of the chipmunk voiced alpha dog in Up indicates not. The effect would probably only serve in the same symbolic fashion as his other fetishes.

Rootcanal said...

As a dentist, I approve.

Anonymous said...

HA! Of course, you put those back into the props pile and probably, my brother put them in his hair or even funnier, his mouth.

Gooch Girl #2

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hemlock said...

dyeing beards read is an age old south asian tradition which is fortunately dying out in south asia =P

clearly the folks in brooklyn arent keeping up with the fashion / trends back home.

it's not sectarian as much as it's cultural. henna is a permissible form of body art (in islam) while permanent tattoos are not.

Resuna said...

My comment is actually about your "gay chewbacca costume" comic that just showed up on the King Features site. I assume you haven't actually been to an SF convention, because if someone actually showed up at one as "gay chewbacca" the reaction would be more "sigh, not another one" than "the world isn't ready for this". Now if you had Chewbacca dressed up as Sailor Moon dragging around Princess Leia in bondage gear... no, that's probably been done too. Sorry, but real life is way stranger than Bizarro this time around. :)