Friday, May 21, 2010

Can't Miss This


If you're in the northeast, come to Woodstock Sanctuary next Saturday, May 29th for a concert on the farm with Chrissie Hynde (of The Pretenders) and Welsh songwriter, JP Jones.

It will be fun and cool and awesome and all the money goes to the sanctuary. I'll be there along with CHNW and my whole posse of closest pals. We can chat and pretend to be friends and in such an intimate setting, you might also get to meet Chrissie, because, let's face it, you always wanted to!

If you do drop by, be sure to introduce yourself and say you read my blog. I'll fawn over you real good!

Tickets and info.


Anonymous said...

My son works at the Guitar Center in Chicago. Chrissie was just in there with her new bandmates getting ready for her tour. He said she looked like your average "mom", and it was fun to talk to her...

doug nicodemus said...

would like to get to northern new york sometime ...but not now...good luck with the show