Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Reality Sux

Bizarro is brought today to you by Colored People.

I was among the zagillions of people who saw the Fantasy Blue People World movie in 3-D and really enjoyed it. I can't say I enjoyed it so much I want to get my ears surgically altered, grow a ponytail and paint myself blue, but the world they created, when experienced in 3-D, was, as the kids say, awesome. I'm not sure how much I would have liked it in 2-D.

The story was nice, too, as I recall.

Which begs the question posed in this cartoon: why don't we have 2D glasses that make reality seem less real? I'd wear them while in line at the DMV. (For foreign readers of this blog, that's the Department of Motor Vehicles, where we stand in line for hours waiting for the person behind the counter to tell us we have forgotten one crucial element of the six forms of I.D. necessary to attain a driver's license.)

Of course, the subtext of this cartoon is that the sort of people who are most adamantly attracted to films such as this are those least attracted to reality. But god bless those kinds of fans, without them, there would be no comics conventions.


Anonymous said...

You can have 2-D any time you want; just close one eye!

Tegin said...

- Let me tell you, this is one of the greatest Bizarros of all time...is just amazing, even more than watching Avatar in 4D. And I think that one of my teammates at the weightlifting team was the inspiration for the facial aspect of Neytiri. An image worths more than a thousand words:


- The naked nerd is really hot.

- ¿DMV? ¿The Simpsons' Patty and Selma, right?

- Happy May 25th for all the argentinean readers, ¡viva la patria!

Lockwood said...

You wear glasses. Paint one lens opaque black, and you will actually see the world in 2-D!

Alternatively, you could poke an eye out, or for maximum awesomeness, get a pirate eyepatch. But in the latter case, I think you're also required to accessorize with a parrot on your shoulder... and take it from me, the build-up of parrot poop on your back gets old after a few weeks.

Jezzka said...

why d? why did i click on that naked nerd link, now i will not be able to sleep for a year.

erik said...

Beer goggles?

Arturo said...

That comment about the paperwork to get a driver's license at DMV sounds like a complaint. Try to look at it in a positive way.
I might not complaint about it if they were more strict here where I live, since anyone can get a license even those who can't drive (like blind people). Well we could have less people dying everyday in car crashes. :)