Saturday, February 6, 2010

High Wire Act

(For the love of god, click the image to make it bigger!)

Bizarro is brang to you today by Country Charm.

Speaking of wireless, the big news this past week was the Apple iPad. I don't know anything about the product because I don't keep up on these things, but it looks like a giant iPhone that you might find at a novelty store.

Other things I know about the iPad: some say it will revolutionize this or that, others say that it is a piece of crap because it doesn't have a camera.

I bought a little bit of Apple stock a few years ago, so I'm hoping that the "crap" thing isn't true. If all it takes to qualify as a piece of crap is the lack of a camera, 99% of everything I own is crap. In fact, I'm eating crap right now because this banana most certainly does not have a camera.

Here is a funny bit about the iPad from Mad TV that everyone has already seen.


GAlcidesS said...

Funny video and excellent comic.

Robin Cain said...

Dan, I hope I'm not sounding repetitive, but you're comics just make me laugh out loud. Thanks for that.

doug nicodemus said...


Luis said...

I got Apple stock too, about when it was 93. Went down to 82, up to 200, down to 125, up to 175, down to 85, then up again to 215, and now its hovering at 195. Interestingly, the effect that Apple itself has is mostly upward motion; almost every time it goes down it's either the economy taking a new dive or--more annoyingly--traders manipulating the stock downward so they can take profit.

Still, it's been a great investment, and will help me make a down payment on a home my wife and I are planning. My only regret is that I didn't buy in when I first wanted to--I never trusted my investing instincts. It does not help to look back and note that in 2003, the stock was at about $7 a share, not long before their last stock split. Ouch. Anyone who got that and sat on it is sitting pretty indeed right about now.

Unknown said...

You are fantastic! I am a middle-aged aspiring cartoonist and you are now my role model. Keep up the good work!