Thursday, February 4, 2010

Contest Winners #17

Ladies and gendermen, boys and grills, we have our winners.

Grand Prize: Dan P (not me)
Second Place: Beezelbarb
Third Place: YazDay

Below is the winning list. If you'd like to see a graphic version with the differences circled, click here!

Join me tomorrow for more verbal ejaculations about my daily cartoons and next Thursday for another Bizarro Cartoon Puzzler Teaser Mystery Game Thing! You could be our next winner!!


rob said...

Why is Richard Simmons always in the contests?? I'm not complaining, I think he's ridiculous too, just askin.

Piraro said...

I accidentally rejected two comments I meant to post, sorry readers. One was about the double portrait image in the contest, somebody thought the guy in the second one looked more dashing, the other was congratulating me on the missing brick, that was the one difference they could not find.

@rob...I just think Richard Simmons is hilarious and it's fun to throw him in as the weekly giveaway answer. How could you miss Richard Simmons big head stuck in the middle of a cartoon? Makes me smile.