Saturday, January 9, 2010

Pun For The Whole Pamily

(If you want to see some big cartoon in front of your face, click the chocolate head's pipe)

Bizarro is brought to you today by Awesome Possibilities.

Here's the third in a continuing series of puns. I like unusual puns but don't often think of them, so the vast majority of the ones you see in this series are donated from friends or readers. If you think of an original pun, send it to me via email (found on or as a comment on my blog. If I think it might make a fun gag, you may experience the ecstasy of seeing your idea in the Sunday comics. But keep in mind, that's the only compensation you'll get. It's not a paying gig, it's just for giggles.

The most challenging thing about the ones above was rendering the college professors in chocolate. It was a bit harder than I thought it would be. I wanted to make them dark enough to look like chocolate, but not so dark that they looked like globs of motor oil. Also, without the mortarboard caps, there would be nothing to identify them as academia so I had to include that on each one, which crowds the box and adds a level of confusion that wouldn't have been there otherwise. In the end, I think it works well enough.

Drawing feet from a jillion different angles was no picnic either, but I've always been pretty good with anatomy, so it wasn't a nightmare.

Until Monday, "Keep a song in your heart and a dagger in your teeth." --Doris Day


Oskar said...

I've got a pun for you, if you want. It's literally the only clever pun I've been able to think of my whole life.

It's the name of my cat. When I thought of the name I thought it was so funny that at least 30% of the reason I even got a cat was so I could name it that.

So what is it? Drumroll please....

Chairman Meow.

Get it?

Ok, so it doesn't read as hilariously funny in a blog-comment, but let me tell you, any time someone comes over and asks me what the name of my cat is, they always laugh their asses off. Come on, it's the perfect cat name!

I'm not sure it would work as a cartoon, but you could take this picture and just substitute in a cat for the old Chinese dude. Or something. What do I know, I'm not the cartoonist, I actually work for a living :)

Anonymous said...

I like the mortar boards -- sorta like bunny ears for eggheads -- and you know what happens to bunny ears... ;-)

Allan Koay said...

over here, "chia pet" sounds like a local dirty word. so i guess it's extra funny for us. haha.

Plan 9 Studios said...

Not exactly a pun, but I always thought a good idea for a comic would be a parody of the "Support the Troops" yellow ribbon bumper magnets that read "Support our Bridges" instead.

But alas, it would have been funnier 5 years ago when people were brow beaten for supporting the terrorists by not making the sacrifice of placing a completely removable sign on their SUVs.

Piraro said...

@Artur R...
Thanks for the suggestions, I might use it so I didn't post it. Don't want to ruin it for readers of this blog.
@ Oskar...
Love your cat's name, but I've heard that pun used before so it probably won't make it into Bizarro. But fun cat names are worth more than cartoons, anyway. :)
@Plan 9...
Love your screen name, by the way. Big EW fan, here. Like your support idea, too. Probably too late, as you mentioned, but I definitely share your sentiment about the usefulness of magnets on cars.

Jess said...

I had chemistry teacher that would always weave these terrible puns and jokes into our classes. One time, he brought in a Christmas "Noel" decorative sign (like you'd hang on your door or the wall or whatever). The sign was missing the L at the end. He holds it up and says "Look! No L!"

No L? Noel? Heehee.

Another good one was when he brought in a giant Mickey Mouse stuffed animal and said that if he caught any of us swearing in class he'd hit us with Mickey. He was using the mouse to control the curser. (Curser? Cursor? GET IT??)

Okay. I'm done. :)

TychaBrahe said...

Chairman Meow was done in a One Big Happy about ten years ago.

I was listening to Wayne Resnick last Sunday, and he was talking about an alligator farm in Israel near an IDF air base. Apparently the sound of sonic booms is similar to the boom that alligators use as a mating signal. Male gators, on hearing these noises, are driven to mate with females more frequently, in an effort to fertilize their eggs before the encroaching "other croc" can get to them. Wayne referred to this as croc-blocking.

You couldn't put it in the Sunday funnies, but that's hilarious.

TychaBrahe said...

Oh, and I saw a car ribbon that said, "I support the makers of magnetic decals."