Monday, January 18, 2010

Happy Trails

Bizarro is brought to you today by High Class Motors.

I got lots of emails about this one. A few were from people who liked it because they'd had various types of personal experiences with babies on motorcycles (!) and the rest were from so-called "airheads," people who are fans of the BMW air-cooled "slash-5" series motorcycles from the early 1970s.

The bike in the pic is fashioned after mine, although mine is white, and many readers familiar with this era of BMW bikes recognized it and wrote to ask if I am an airhead. It was nice to meet so many other airheads around the country, thanks for checking in. Once the weather turns nice here in the northeast, how about we all meet for a weekend ride?

Thanks also to all of you who wrote to me with suggestions of where I should move to escape the NY winters. All were good suggestions, and I adding them to my research list. I suspect that eventually I shall end up in California somewhere, probably more southern than northern if only because of the weather, but you never know.

One thing that surprised me was how many people suggested Austin, Texas. It's a great town and I love it but I always sort of thought that it was because I used to live in Texas. It is nice to see that it ranked so highly among people nationwide, right alongside the SF Bay Area and southern California in general. Way to go, Austin!

Portland, Seattle, Vancouver, Victoria, B.C. are all great and I'm very fond of it up there, but it rains too much. I've definitely got that light deprivation thing where if I don't get a LOT of sunshine, I begin invading neighboring countries and impaling people on tall sticks. Just bought one of those light-therapy-box-things and I hope it works.

Here's wishing you sunshine and unicorn until we meet again...


Jan Dreier said...

Dude, clearly the southland is for you! Austin is a great city to visit, the live music, Salt Lick bar-b-que and all, but 104F/95% rel.hum. in summer can quickly put a damper on your energy.
Plus: We have one of the best BMW airhead mechanic right here on the westside: Rick Monahan of Black Kat Moterwerks. Pre 1993 BMW only.
Get that U-Haul ready!

elizabeth said...

Well i might point out that socal has it’s share of insane weather lately. Not so good for bike riding.

L. Erskine said...

I am moving to Austin this summer. It is like a mix of San Diego and SF to me... only I can afford to live there and the schools are better (I still have a school aged child).

From what I can tell my friends actually leave the house and do something besides work unlike my friends in Silicon Valley... so I am looking forward to socializing for once in my life too. :p

oroboros said...

Hey, Morro Bay (central coast, CA) is cool. About 5 degrees warmer than SF and 5 degrees cooler than LA. Morro Rock is known as the "Gibraltar of the Pacific"

oroboros said...

Hey, Morro Bay (central coast, CA) is cool. About 5 degrees warmer than SF and 5 degrees cooler than LA. Morro Rock is known as the "Gibraltar of the Pacific"

Anonymous said...

Austin is a great town, but I moved after growing up there, and lingering for a while: the heat just gets oppressive after a while. Just my two farthings: seasons of hot and cold and in between are much more interesting (to me).