Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Cracker Leverage

Bizarro is brought to you today by Scary Parrots.

I likely won't be posting much over the next few days during the holidays, so I'm leaving you with what I think is a good one. I confess that this idea came to me while looking at a cartoon in New Yorker by the legendary and brilliant Sam Gross. It isn't a case of plagiarizing since I completely changed the gist of the gag, but it is a direct inspiration.

Even though I don't like or celebrate Xmas, the wife and I spend a few days with friends in the country. It's way fun and nobody plays Bing Crosby's Xmas album.

Hope all of you have a nice holiday, whatever that means to you. I'll post again next week.


Anonymous said...

And happy holidays to you. Please do post your 2012 calendar cartoon with commentary, as I thought it was marvelous.

wpmsd said...

Another Bizarro classic. I would have added an accent- "Ve haf vays....."

Richard De Angelis said...

I LOVE Holiday Inn precisely because of the awful, patronizingly racist spectacle that is the Abraham Lincoln's birthday number. I find this kind of pop cultural artifact of America's ugly past strangely fascinating. Now we know what kind of "White Christmas" Bing was dreaming of.

Ariel said...

happy holidays to you from Italy, Dan!


Michael Tallon said...

Sorry, Dan, but that New Yorker cartoon sucked! Yours sure made me laugh, though

doug nicodemus said...

you wife in the country with a pipe wrench....oh wrong game sorry happy holidays and good cheer to you

Anonymous said...

Hey, it's the Solstice, and the days are starting to get longer again. How could anyone be unhappy?

Jodie said...

Hope your Xmas was OK any way. I celebrate secularly since I didn't growup with an actual religion having former Catholic & Methodist/Church of Christ parents that didn't attend church much. Mom took me a few times, as did her mom and a great-aunt but it didn't stick and I was never baptized.

As an adult with a need for some sense of community and friends that are intellectual and didn't work with me and aren't Baptists (I live in Dallas... a hot bed of Baptists)... I joined a Unitarian Universalist church. Non-Christian, pretty much not your typical religion. Get to believe your own way. So I get to celebrate all the holidays if I want to. My non-religious Jewish husband and I celebrate Hannukah a little, without menorah this year. And Christmas without decorations but having presents this year.

Anonymous said...

Why not try to celebrate Christmas instead of Xmas? Why not take the parts of the holiday not ruined by crass commercialism (friendship, the gift of giving, decorations, eating) and focus on that instead of the constant negativity you seem to espouse?

You are truly one angry, passive-aggressive dude.

Love your comics, but try and tone down the never-ending parade of sass of those who enjoy things like the holidays, 'kay?