Friday, December 18, 2009

Twofer Friday!

Bizarro is brought to you today by
Twofers and Grelcoes.

Since my Internet was mysteriously missing yesterday and I could not post the weekly Thursday contest thing, I am offering you TWO cartoons today. That's just how I roll.

The first is about an actual clinically tested therapeutic technique called "make believe." It has been proven that many people with low self esteem can experience relief just by pretending to be somebody or something that they consider desirable. Some experts say this is why renaissance faires exist.

The next cartoon is about the wonders of Botox. Nicole Kidman has had wads of it shot into her forehead and now most of her face doesn't move when she smiles. It's creepy as hell, but in a youthful, attractive way.

That's all for today Bizarro Rangers. Enjoy this Friday and that weekend.


ojeano said...

I'm disappointed that Steve Martin's "had work done."

I guess cartoon 2 (Botox Clowns) is reliant on the psychology behind cartoon 1 (dress up).

I like a face I can read.

Evan4sh said...

Yikes! I've heard turning into a clown is a side effect of overdosing Botox. That almost makes it not worth using.

doug nicodemus said...


Alan Jackson said...

Botox Clowns had to be one of your top ten for the year. My wife and I hurt ourselves laughing.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry Mr. Piraro, but on my Saturday paper, the cartoon is about a dog driving saying he's colorblind. I happen to know (from my own dog) that dogs are not colorblind. I was very surprised by that when I saw my dog confusing a blue toy to a similar blue spot on his blanket when he was frantically looking for the toy.

Penny Mitchell said...

Congratulations. You found the only way for me to fear clowns even MORE.