Thursday, December 10, 2009


Thanks to everyone for playing this week. Our grand prize winner of the Bizarro Blender (formerly known as Cuisinart) is Andrew D.

Second place is Megan, who will soon be the proud owner of a couple of packs of Bizarro Trading Cards. (settle down, Megan, catch your breath)
Third place this week is a dude named Rex, who did not give me his email address. If you know who you are, leave it in the comments section and mention your last name so I'll know you're not a FRAUD just trying to snag some free trading cards!

I'll be emailing each winner soon to get your mailing addresses for your treasure delivery.

Please come back tomorrow for more fun, cartoons, shenanigans, monkey shines, and folderol. (The spell check on Blogger does not recognize "folderol." Curious.)

Here's the winning list:

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