Monday, April 6, 2009

Kartoon Kwiz

Bizarro is today you brought by to
Word Order.

Since so many people ask me questions about the details in my drawings, I thought it might be fun to have a quiz about today's cartoon. Answers are at the bottom of this post. Good luck!!

1. What type of dog is featured in the cartoon?

2. In what city does the cartoon take place? (hint)

3. How do you draw an alien?

4. Is the human in the cartoon meant to be actor Tony Roberts?

5. What vintage is the wine the aliens are drinking?

6. If a train leaves Chicago at noon traveling east at 200 mph, leaves the track in Cincinnatti and plows through this park, hitting the man, his dog, the two aliens and their spaceship, what time does it arrive in Seattle?

7. Why are women so damned complicated?

1. A cartoon dog 2. Indianapolis 3.Make light pencil lines on paper in the shape of an alien, then trace over them in ink. 4. No. Sadly, most people don't remember Tony Roberts. 5. The aliens' ability to transcend space and time make it impossible to say. 6. Never, Seattle is west of Chicago. 7. You tell me, I give up.

Score yourself:
7 correct answers – Congratulations! You could be a professional cartoonist!
5-6 correct – Not a genius, but you play one on TV.
3–4 correct – Your medication needs adjusting.
1–2 correct – Sorry, you won't be on my "phone a friend" list.
0 correct – Turn off your computer, leave the room quietly, and never speak of this.


Cooder's Cranium said...

Hahaha good post!

Karl said...

I'm not ashamed to admit that I went 0 for 7 (will be turning off the computer shortly), however, question number 7 is more subjective, so I should earn at least half a point (sympathy vote).

My reasoning is that I've managed to cohabitate (survive) in the same dwelling with a female (of the wife kind) most of my adult life, and still manage to function with only limited bouts of depression, talking to myself out loud, nervous twitching, night sweats, forming the fetal position, sporadic tremors, suppressed anger, increased blood pressure, mood swings, delirium and accumulative hair loss. Other than these factors life is quite pleasant.

Understanding the complexity of the female gender? Not the right time right now, feeling a little dizzy spell coming on, must lay down.

Tegin said...

great cartoon...and if anyone can answer question no. 7, must recieve the Nobel Prize.

Karl said...

Forgot to mention I liked this cartoon. It goes to show you that earthlings aren't the only species that shouldn't drink and drive. Just one question, am I seeing things, or are those rubber gloves on the aliens?

Anonymous said...

I can answer #7.

Not that I plan to do so here, but I can.

- XX Chromosomes

doug nicodemus said...

pretty funny...i like the idea that they would ASK for directions