Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Shrink Me Please

Bizarro is brought to you today by Hairy Children.

Psychiatry is likely one of the top 10 most common gag cartoon topics. I've always liked them and have done who-knows-how-many dozens, maybe hundreds. I have always liked them, even before I ever visited a therapist.

I've never gone to a psychiatrist, but I've seen a few psychologists and other kinds of counselors and I really enjoy it. I only go when I'm in crisis mode or trying to figure out the solution to a specific problem like a romantic relationship issue, whether I should quit my day job and go for a movie career, what the furniture in my studio is trying to tell me when it screams incomprehensibly, etc.

I have an appointment later today, in fact, and am really looking forward to it. We (my therapist and I) are on the verge of a major breakthrough in the area of irrational outbursts of anger. Once we get past that, we may be able to get to my problems. (rim shot) Wish me luck!

I like my current therapist because he offers a lot of feedback and suggestions. I've had the kind that don't say anything, just lead me through my thoughts with questions that are meant to enable me to solve my own problems. That sort is little more than a really expensive bartender without liquor.


Jeremy said...

I went to a psychologist late last year and she was that kind. She would just sit there smiling at me. Only in the last 2 sessions did she finally start giving me some suggestions. By then I had gotten a bit tired of it anyway. I went to a parenting class so I used that as an excuse to not see her anymore.

Being Eugene, she was a total hippie with all sorts of strange stuff in her room. That's all it was was a room, no reception, no waiting area, just a room that opened straight onto the sidewalk outside. I hope she wasn't too expensive, it was my work that paid for it.

Unknown said...

The non-talkative type bug me too- nice one about the expensive bar tender. I'll try to remember to credit you if I use it.
How are you on meds without seeing a psychiatrist?

Good luck.

Piraro said...

At the recommendation of a psychologist, I went to a psychiatrist once a while back to get the Rx, now my MD just writes them for me as long as I keep coming in for checkups.

doug nicodemus said...

lonesome george gobel would resent that cartoon...his flying pig bit is probably the funniest thing i ever saw that was open to all audiences...

last time i looked wasn't there someone hiding under that couch?

Karl said...

Some country music is really depressing, so this cartoon makes a lot of sense. I can imagine writing lyrics and singing about all the bad things in my life, would make me a regular visitor to the confessional couch too.

Advice for cowboy; put the guitar away and learn to play the flute.

(I chose flute, because it's the happiest sounding instrument I could think of)

Jeremy said...


That and Jethro Tull freakin' rocks!

Karl said...

I read somewhere that Ian Anderson is touring the States this year on a solo tour. That should make fans happy.