Thursday, April 2, 2009

Le Chick Cam

Please enjoy this live cam from Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary responsibly.

As happens frequently this time of year we received a call from a school teacher looking for a home for 5 just-hatched chicks -- the living, breathing result of a classroom project. As cute as these fuzzballs are, they will grow into larger hens and roosters who have a lot of space and care requirements, and can live for over a decade.

If you're a parent or student who hears of an upcoming hatching project, please encourage that teacher to consider more humane alternatives to hatching.

In the meantime, they're ridiculously cute, so during daytime hours EST you can see them live:

Financial times are tough for us all and even worse for charities. But for only a few bucks a month you can help these homeys get by. Anyone who donates to their care automatically becomes my BFF. For reals. Awesome. Dude.

BTW: that's a child's teddy bear in the cage, not roadkill.


Karl said...

You had my interest right from the beginning, title "Le Chick Cam"

Seriously, it's wonderful to bring awareness to the plight of these little egg dwellers. I remember going to a museum quite a few years ago with my son, and watching the baby chicks hatching. It never occurred to me, at the time, what they had to endure to survive pre-birth and afterward.

It's good to be made aware of these things, and thanks for the live cam view.

Soylent_Green_Is_Chicken said...

Mmmmm...Those sure do look tasty!!

Jeremy said...

I read that article about chicken being hatched in classrooms and the horrendous aftermath for the chicks. I had not realized such a fate awaited those poor chicks.

I never had this happen in my school but I'd heard about I in other classes. I highly doubt my children's school would take part in such a practice but I will vehemently oppose it if it comes up!!

Karl said...


That's a witty remark. I'm guessing you're a big fan of chicken wieners then, where you can ingest beaks, feet, intestines, eyeballs, and pooping parts ummm...good.

Karl said...

I'm liking the new camera angle view (from the side rather than the top), as you can see more chicklets.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait till these grow up big and strong. Then Tyson will get them. Then I will eat them.

Karl said...


That gives you some time to start looking around for a good heart surgeon, if you don't already have one.

Karl said...

That's seems insensitive, using a picture of Colonel Sanders to collect poop. Those poor chicks, having to look at the Frying King might cause them to grow up with nervous disorders and intestinal problems like frequent bouts of constipation. (It is hilarious, and I love it).

Becci said...

Just think, if it weren't for Woodstock rescuing these little guys, they'd be killed for food at a month and a half old.

That's how long chickens raised for food live. Yep.

Thanks for posting this. It's super cute.