Thursday, April 2, 2009

Fetus Fiesta

Bizarro is brought to you today by Click n' Pop.

This is one of the strangest and darkest comics I've ever published in Bizarro. The idea came from the strange and dark Malo, a virtual hermit who lives in Greenland somewhere and only communicates with people via emails and piano sonatas.

He sends me twisted ideas all the time, the vast majority of which are too dark and twisted to be allowed in the funny pages. But this one was very close to the line and I liked it a lot so I asked my editor his opinion, and he said "go for it." Or some more educated equivalent.

I wondered if I might get some negative mail, but so far nothing. I did get one note from an OB/GYN clinic that wanted to use it in some literature they pass out to their preggernauts about not smoking or drinking during their pregnancy. A fairly hip clinic, I'd say.


Karl said...

I don't know if it's my sick and twisted mind, or delirium caused by lack of sleep, but I loved this cartoon when I first saw it.

Great idea and nice artwork (love the part about the tip of the guy's nose being chopped off). Job well done guys!

Ehme said...

I love this title. So fetusly festive. It will be my next theme party.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure Derek's illustration was funnier.

derekamalo said...

karl with that being said sorry dan...hit my new post i just put up ...that s my original the tip of the nose of course to me was my selling..(um giving..point

im pretty much convinced im the most porlific writer in existance who is still a nobody ..

but i dont suck and to be seen on funny pages of course for the most part you have to be unfunny except for two strips) ....

the great cartoonist roth explained it to me

i took his advice better than anyone

but ill always be kept in the dark,..

however over the past couple years ive developed a fan club with rubes creator leigh rubin , and dan ...people i sconsider to be the comedians on the funny pages"...

derekamalo said...

ive downloaded close to 4000 jokes on mymspace and have close to 3000 to go
but scanning is about as fun as reading ..i dont know the funny pages

Anonymous said...

Derek, I personally think you'd be best off working with a good artist who recognizes he is not the comedy writer. Dan sees himself as funny and waters down your gags with his attempts to plus them.

derekamalo said...



but then i figured it all out

no one ever wants to see the best come through cause it makes them look weak

thats my opinion

its why the world makes micheal jackson feel inferior and run away and has people believing jimmy two chords and sucks buffet is a genius

no one likes to see people succeed and to flat out dominate

thats my opinion ..

cartopon syndicates keep there employees at a standard that standard isnt tough to reach ..

they have t keep themselves at

i did stand up seven times in boston comedy connection only to realize an article joe rogan wrote about joke thieves...laughing my ass off dane cook stole two of mine and they were the two biggest laughs he got

being overweight i developed a great sense of humor and my best is not even scanned on the internet or sent

me and my brother were sitting down playing atari in 1983..

we were playing the game superman

there was a kid bragging in the little booklet in it that said he had the record of catching all the criminals rebuilding the bridge and flying home in 1:24secionds..

after weeks of ocding and playing me and my brother were at the atari

i heard the sound go off as the mission was completed do do do ..was the sound the time said 1 minute 19 seconds me and my brother looked at each other and laughed

my mom took a photo of the screen and sent it in ..

atari makers informed us the newest record was 1minute 18 seconds


but at ten years old at that point i knew i could excel if i work really hard at everything i do

with that being said i appreciate all your comments ..

the reuben award seems to be given as a lifetime achievement award ..with this year dan getting the nod in my opinion as his co guys um no comment .....but if it was based on 2008 -2009 .when dan takes the reuben this year i know i was a contributor and thats what counts ..

i know it and jeremy yes god knows it to..

its a chance to see that i could mess with the cohooners when given an opportunity

so thanks dan

derekamalo said...

sorry to jump all over the places its just a point amongst many points

the flu bug has hit me and my typing is worse than ever..:)

derekamalo said...

dan theres no need to even respond i guess my point is

dan can give me the chance to show off my talents or say no

so i take what i can get

i would however say this i could put a bizarro guest week out of my jokes that would not only have ces shooting himself but people being upset when bizarro returned


derekamalo said...

i dont need a derek says or a fido to display my discontent with others at times but thanks anyways troll

jhenelle said...

Lol.This made me smile.

derekamalo said...

OH BTW DAN IP LAY flugal horn...greenland no rhode island yes...hermit yes 95 percent communication via email lol

jmarcv said...

Well Dan, your publisher is more open minded than the New Yorker!
click on 'first pages' in book sections, then go to the 4th page, the cartoon of the woman and her child.

Anonymous said...

I didn't find this cartoon offensive in the last. But I'm still trying to figure out where the humor is in cheesy = classy. ??

Anonymous said...

cheesy = classy is a dan one else's

Dean said...

I must be twisted, I thought this one was hilarious, partially because I'd just seen a video on youtube of a lady swallowing like 8 or 9 swords. However the links on the post with the WTF Award...I am disturbed. And Derek, you make some good points about life and success. I think your right that people just don't like to see other people succeed.

FIDO said...
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Jeremy said...


I bet you can't wait, can you? Here is a link to something you might find useful, bacon flavored lube:

Anonymous said...

It's actually spelled 'Sonata'.

KiltBear said...

Sick. Twisted. Disturbing. Extremely enjoyable in a very uncomfortable way.

I think you should give sway to your dark side more often. Maybe a new line of Bizzaro Dark.

doug nicodemus said...

ewwww gross

Karl said...


I noticed this was your same reaction to the long tongued, wine tasting cartoon. Maybe it's a phase Dan's going through (chuckles)