Thursday, October 15, 2009


This week's contest took around 10 minutes to solve.

Grand Prize: GIANT

2nd Prize: HA HA HA WHOOPS

3rd Prize: SHIRL

For a list of the differences, see the comments section of the previous contest post, wherein I posted GIANT's winning entry. Congrats to the winners and thanks to all who played!

One funny thing: I noticed while judging the entries that there were actually 16 differences, my mistake, so I awarded anyone who listed 15 correct differences. For obvious reasons, everyone stopped looking after they found 15. Doesn't change the contest any, just makes it 1/16 easier to win, I guess.

Next Thursday, another contest! WOW!!!


Steinar said...

Bah, these contests are not fair to us faithful bizarro-fans not living in USA. The contests are put out and solved and a winner is picked before we get up in the morning :( Please change the rules so we can participate. How about let the contest last one day, and pick the winners from all the correct solutions?

Russell Pirkle said...

I'm never home at 4pm (3pm here) on Thursday.
Could you vary the initiation time of these contests?
not that I could solve one in ten minutes anyway, but it's more fun to play when I feel like I'm playing against other people