Thursday, October 1, 2009


After many many many submissions with incorrect answers, the fourth comment posted with the correct list of differences belonged to one Ben Buckley. Congrats, Ben, you'll be getting five packages of Bizarro Trading Cards (assuming you live in North America.) Boy, do I envy you!


As many of you know, #6 was a more difficult puzzle than the previous ones. Most of the submissions were incorrect in one way or another, and although it was posted at 6pm NYC time, by 8:30pm, I still didn't have four correct lists, and thus no winner. After I posted (and Tweeted) that fact at 8:35pm, a huge wave of new submissions came in.

Anway, here are names of the first three correct contestants, an honorable mention goes to them!:
Brian Gac

Below is Ben's correct list of differences. The most common error people made was missing that the border had been completed in the second image, or counting the border as three differences instead of one: top border is complete, left border is complete, etc.

Click the fuzzy little words to enlarge them.

Thanks again for playing, I'll be posting another contest next week and a new cartoon blog every day between now and then. Congrats to everyone who played, whether you got the correct answers or not. At least it kept you off the streets for a few minutes.


lambelly said...

ah! so close!

this was a fun one.

Keith said...

I just want to know, does the very small line just underneath the leftmost waterglass and above the lowest man's nose count as a legitimate difference?

From your post, it seems that it wasn't meant to be a difference.

Should I ignore very small lines in the future, like I should ignore distortions?

Piraro said...

@ Keith..
Yes, that tiny line was an accident of the distortion. All of the differences are more obvious kinds of things. Hard to see at first, maybe, but obvious changes once you spot them. Several people mistook that line for a legit difference. My apologies, I didn't even see it until I read the comments.

ojeano said...

Okay, I accept that I made mistakes, but I thought the border difference was part among the warping issues... oh those curs-ed warping issues!

Souza Aranha said...

What about the hip/leg of the woman standing with the hammer? It looks like it's missing a piece, or deformed somehow. Was that an accident too?

I ended up listing that as a difference instead of the border around the panel being completed...

But it was fun anyways!

Smooth said...

I thought the lamp's speech bubble had been moved. It's significantly closer to the lamp in the second image. But I missed the upside-down "i", dangit!

Brian Gac said...

thats what i get for being on top of things. haha

Piraro said...

Granted, the things you guys are mentioning are confusing. The gap between the chairperson's skirt and the blond lady's head is a result of the warping. I usually repair that kind of glitch before posting, but I missed that one. My bad, as the youngster's say.
The caption balloon being closer to the lamp was also from the warping, I should have seen that and moved it so it wouldn't be mistaken. I'll be more careful next time, I promise! Also tiny nicks and lines are accidental, I try to make the differences large enough to be certain about once you find them.

Steinar said...

No, no, no, the frame is not part of the comic, it's just a frame! Sigh. I tought that the frame difference was part of the "distortion". And the rules said "not just "bent" from the distortion." Angry fan.