Saturday, October 3, 2009


Tomorrow, Sunday, October 4, (4 October, if you're reading this in Europe) Bizarro will feature a strange word puzzle, the answers to which will be posted on this blog. If your local paper gets the Sunday Bizarro, check it out, try to solve it, then come here for the answers. If not, I'll post it in a way that will enable you to play along without seeing the answers immediately. IT'S NOT A CONTEST, just something fun for readers. I hope you enjoy it.

The strange puzzle was written by my strange friend, Cliff, whose brain, for reasons not yet discovered by the world's leading neuroscientists, just thinks this way. It makes him fun to collaborate with but hell to talk to over coffee.

Tune in tomorrow to see what it's all about. Until then,...if you wish to see the sunrise in the evening, stand on the other side of the world.


Anonymous said...

I hated it. Please no more!

Unknown said...

I got the 1st 1, thot the 2nd 1 was about going to the WC, & got the 3rd one xcept I cudn't tel that wuz Peter Pan. The Elvis 1 was gud, the peepul who didn't get it red the #s the rong way. (Twelvus)

Anonymous said...

I loved it, but the Peter Pan guy looked like a little Robin Hood so I would never have come up with Wendy. 2-M-R-E-N

But I got the others. Thanks for something different!