Wednesday, June 3, 2009

When Hairy Met Harry

Bizarro is brought to you today by Family Entertainment.

Not much to say about this cartoon today, feeling really low. If I was a twitterer, I could tweet, "feeling really low today." But I'm not, you're all I have.

A trusted friend (Julie) said I should get on the Twitter because it's a really easy way to advertise my comedy shows and stuff, and I'm sure she's right, but I just don't have the energy to get started. I have no interest in that sort of thing outside of the promotional value, to be honest, and as I said, I'm feeling low.

Just thought of something to say about this cartoon. I was channel surfing the other night and came across one of the early Bruce Lee movies – Way of the Dragon or Get in the Dragon or Dress Like a Dragon. Something like that. In the final fight scene, he's practicing his pajama arts on a young and shirtless Chuck Norris. This was before Chuck discovered body waxing because he was as covered with hair as the guy in the "after" part of my cartoon. No exaggeration. He had big, thick, hair epaulets on his shoulders.

I hope I'm better tomorrow. Damn this difficult life.


sheer.nothingness said...

Hope you feel better.

Screw the Reubens- you're making a decent living doing what you want in an awesome city, and I aspire to do as much (in a different field).

[End (probably annoying, but well intenioned) pep talk.]

Isaac said...

Whether or not it helps, let me say that even when you're having a low day, you manage to amuse the hell out of me. And thousands of others.

I have to believe that it's all worth the low points.

You do great work.

James said...


Outside of the bell ringer joke about a week back this has been the weakest month in bizarro history.

James Coutu

Anonymous said...

feeling really low

Did you catch up on the deadlines you mentioned yesterday? Somehow, I'm guessing a connection between the two days' postings.

I was going to say, "c'mon, just snap out of it!" That is always sound advice for someone with the blues. But then you'd probably put a pie in my face and claim I have no sense of humor, and then I'd have to complain about your lack of respect.

Anonymous said...

Oh, do cheer up! The world is so full of wonderful things, like these time-saving pants that allow a woman to have a baby without ever even getting undressed!

Tiffany said...

I once heard someone say that life isn't about finding the ever elusive "balance" it's about riding that teeter-toter up and down.

Hang in there - your teeter-toter will hit the ground and bounce up again. Then maybe you'll twitter. Or not. (Or maybe you'll twitter from your teeter-toter?)

doug nicodemus said...

though i know as a psych student that this won't help but i mean it from the heart


ok now go talk to your therapist..

Waldo said...

Been/currently/will be there... "Low" is exactly how I describe it. I have been low all day and now I am stuck in LAX waiting to go to ID dwelling on all the things I should be doing to better the world vs being a cog/rat in the machine. Worst of all, I am in the pretty people area (near Virgin America) and they are driving me nuts.

Question: Is stupidity in girls/women (or men) suppose to be attractive???

Ray Avito said...

I had some sort of involuntary bodily shiver at the thought of hairy epaulets. On a side note, today's comic in the paper was very clever and after I had the "Oh, I see!" moment, I cracked up big time.

Penny Mitchell said...

Well, poop. :-( Hang in there. I hope things start looking up very soon.

We love you, if that helps any!

Piraro said...

@ sheernothingness...
Thanks for the support. My blues are nothing to do with the Reubens, it's a personal thing. Awards are nice, but I've given up chasing them. It's a fool's game.

@ everyone else except James Coutu...
Thanks for the nice comments, it cheers me up to know you're out there.

Anonymous said...

I think depression is the price you pay for genius.

My thoughts are with you.

Karl said...

I know what you mean about the whole Twitter experience. It's probably good for promoting stuff. However I joined, and occasionally I read funny things that one of two people (or followers; in Twitting terms) say. Somehow it cheers me up, and in a way challenges me to write something funny also.

I'm sure you're tired of people (like me) giving advice on personal problems, so I won't (but it's eating me alive on the inside). Anyway I hope you can works things out; we're all pulling for you (except for maybe that one guy; and yes you know who you are:)

And your peeps all know you deserved a Reuby, and in life, that's what really counts.

Anonymous said...

damn it, Mr. Piraro, u've made me come out of my retirement. Here I was, happy in the thought that I'd managed to go so long without posting a single comment and now I've gotta; till I manage to be able to stop again.

well I don't know why I am boring u with this when I could be in twitter saying on twitter how in your Post with something about twitter I was talking about twitter till it really makes no twittering sense as almost everything else on Twitter.

btw, Mr. Piraro, I know the feeling and I'd suggest you visit this link, though I'd really be missing ur daily comic if u act on it:

as always,
ur Fan,
Dee Sh

Unknown said...


If you twitter from a teeter-toter, does that make it a tweeter-toter or a twitter-toter?

Which makes me wonder, if a person only reads from twitter, are they called a tweet-totaler?

And Tweets... does Tweety Bird Twitter?

So many questions, so little brains!

Matt Henderson said...

Hey Dan

There are people smiling today in Adelaide Australia due to the array of your cartoons that I have displayed around my work area.

I hope just a bit of that joy finds it's way back to you mate!

Unknown said...

This comment is brought to you by Well, duh.

Just so you know your work is not in vain... I was an avid reader for several years before I thought to look for you on the web (because the Seattle Post-Intelligencer went kaput and I had to find you elsewhere). Once on the web, I saw mysterious references to "hidden pictures" and "secret symbols", with a list of such things as sticks of dynamite, eyeballs, K2, etc. I looked, and lo, there they were. Well, duh. Today I finally realized that near your signature there is sometimes a number, and I'm thinking that's the number of hidden things I'm supposed to find. Please don't start messing with my brain now and start to put "4" when there are only 3, that would be too cruel. I'm a bear of very little brain and now I have a goal number to look for. Well, duh. *Love* your work. Thank you.

Unknown said...
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Anonymous said...


I hope you take time to get outside, feel the breeze, find a tree to admire, pull off your shoes and enjoy a little tickle from the grass. If there's sun out there, soak it up.

As Whitman would say, "The divine ship sails the divine sea for you."

Sometimes we just gotta get away from the desk to enjoy the ride.


C.J. Pitchford said...

Hey, if the Tonight Show says "Don't flush Twitter down the..." then, you know it's good.

As an admirer, I can only say hang in there!

Oh, and also Thanks for evvvveeeeerrrrything!

Unknown said...

If you think shoulder-hair epaulets will make you happier, I will gladly send you mine. If not, I guess that the back shag carpet is out of the question to.

Damn. Back to waxing.

Anonymous said...

Your comics make me laugh. Your blog makes me laugh AND choose the vegan option at restaurants.

I hope you feel better soon.

Anonymous said...

"Damn This Difficult Life". It's true, b/c what else can be said when everything else HAS and there isn't anything else TO say. I truly know at this point, that i was born w/very bad Luck. There isn't anything else that can be said. i could give examples, but yoo wouldn't believe it all. i sould have put a gun to my head, years ago (but i'm a coward). Damn this difficult life. Yes.