Tuesday, December 16, 2008

X-Ray Specks

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When I was a kid, it was a somewhat common element of suspense stories to have a guy handcuffed to an important briefcase. He was usually some hotshot spy or secret agent and there would invariably be a scene where he'd have to fight off villains while wearing the breifcase. When he was caught, of course, there was the tension of them threatening to chop his hand off to get the case, as if just cutting open the case were not an option.

While going through airport security last month, taking off my flipflops (because flipflop-shaped bombs and guns are so common), I thought of this image. I assumed the days of this kind of courier were over because of 9/11, but since this cartoon appeared in newspapers a week ago, I've heard from four different agencies/people that actually do this for a living and have this problem. They've described various strange solutions, one of them said that in a foreign country he was forced to check the case and ride the conveyor belt through the luggage tunnels to reach the plane.

As a bonus chuckle, here is a sketch for another cartoon I did a few years ago on this same theme, which is too adult for Bizarro, but not filthy enough for adult magazines. Thus, this meager blog is it's world premier.

(As always, click the cartoon to enlargerize.)


Anonymous said...

Both comics are funnier than anything you've done in weeks, Dan. Good stuff.

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Tom Wayburn said...

In my opinion To Mock a Killing Bird is your best strip so far.

munchy365 said...

Nice comics, made me laugh.

Anonymous = FAIL.

doug nicodemus said...

i like the never before seen stuff..but then you know that HAHAHAHA

Anonymous said...
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Unknown said...

Damn, I wish that second comic could've been published. It was hilarious.

Forgive me for asking, Msr. Pirarro, but I have another off-topic question. What do you think of "South Park" and "Pearls Before Swine"?