Saturday, November 6, 2010

Sexy Children Dogs

Bizarro is brought to you today by
Contraceptive Fashion.

People Magazine's Sexiest Man Alive issue comes out on November 17th and if they don't pick me this year, I say SCREW THEM. I have all of the qualifications they list: I'm alive and I'm sexy. (Says CHNW) So what is the holdup?

If they pick some damn vampire actor again, I'm going to the deli across the street from my apartment and turning over the magazine rack. Seriously.

On to more pleasant topics, here is a cartoon about witches who eat children. So she's heading out to pick up lunch with an empty stroller. Get it? What's funnier than eating children?
(Note to children reading this blog: Ask your parents if they have updated the anti-witch security devices in your home. Firefighters recommend changing the batteries on January 1st each year.)

Finally, from the archival vault (trash bags in my basement) comes this ancient Sunday comic from October of 1998. This was before I started coloring on computer, hence the colour de crapola, as they say in French. You can click on it to achieve biggerness, which will enable you to read it more good.

Dogs are so cute. By the way, where can I get one of these for my very own?



Jodie said...

You always make me LOL. Post on facebook more often. I'm out of my Blog reading stage and just do everything including wasting incredible amounts of time playing Farmville and Frontierville. LOL

monsterzero said...

re: coloring on DOGWORLD.
the non-computer coloring ain't so bad. you artsy-fartsty types are SOOO picky. if you don't mention these things, us neophytes would never notice!
still… dogs sniffin' butts = FUNNY!

Debbie said...

It took a moment but I love the dog cartoons. Made me laugh.

Jym said...

=v= Mark Twain once pointed out that naked people have little or no influence on society. It would seem that the half-naked aren't well-represented in opinion polls, either. Alas.

rob said...

I dig the blackbird version of the bizarro-bird in the witch comic.

Isabelle said...

"...hence the colour de crapola, as they say in French."

Funny that, I've been speaking French my whole life, and never heard it said that way before ;)

About the color's quality, I have to agree with monsterzero, to the untrained eye, this kind of detail doesn't hit in an as obvious way as it would hit you as the creator. I wasn't horror-stricken by it, I promise ;)

Your humor always leaves me greatly tickled every time (and the latest 3 are no exception) - it's wonderful.

Found your blog about 2 weeks ago, spent three nights reading through every entry and cartoon, and I keep coming back for more every day since then. Really enjoying myself here - thanks.

All the way from Québec, greetings and well wishes to you and yours! à bientôt

Unknown said...

One of your best posts! So funny! :)

Niha said...

What kind of sick perverts do the People's list as to ever have choosen Pattinson as the sexiest man alive?

Jym said...

@Niha - A joke spinning around the Interwebs these days is that the second Twilight book/film is about a young girl's agonizing decision between necrophilia and bestiality.