Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween, Idiots, Teeth

Bizarro is brought to you today by Teeth.

I hope everyone had a dandy Halloween weekend. CHNW and I stayed home and watched scary movies. If you ever want to see a movie that will absolutely make your blood run cold and afraid to be alone after dark for the rest of your life, find one other than 1959's House on Haunted Hill, starring Vincent Price. If, on the other hand, you want to get stoned and laugh your buttocks off, this might be just the right choice.

I love old movies (and new movies, too, I'm not some weird gay guy still living with his mother, after all) and it always amazes me what passed for scary in olden times. Part of my problem is probably that I don't believe in anything supernatural – ghosts, demons, magic, spirits, etc. – so I never fall for those kinds of stories. The only movies I find "scary" are films about murderers or whatever. Things that could actually happen to me. I can't bear slasher or torture movies at all.

When I was a teenager, however, it was different. During my brief few years as a fundamentalist "teen for Jesus" type, I firmly believed in the devil and demons, so movies like The Exorcist scared the crap out of me. Almost as much as the prospect of President Sarah Palin does now, for instance. Oh yeah, it's election day, I have to go vote. You should go vote, too, unless you're superstitious and think that gays, Mexicans and socialists are trying to take over America. Then maybe you should skip it.

Let the angry comments begin!

By the way, the "idiot" joke above was a collaboration between me and my good friend, Wayno. Here's his post on how it morphed as we discussed it.


Anonymous said...

House on Haunted Hill even better:


also available on netflix!

April said...

LOl, Spider-man stuck in a water spout.

Cath said...

No angry comments from me! Just an FYI comment: Ed Wood was absolutely not gay. Just a cross dresser. Definitely not the same thing! :^)

Rarian Rakista said...

I'm sure prostate exams were even more adventurous, with the human spelunking and all.

James said...

I voted Libertarian, as I think they're far better than anything the GOP and the Democrats have to offer. I hope you don't think I'm stupid for refusing to fall in lockstep with the rest of the sheep, Dan.

Prospero said...

I almost want to be offended by the "weird gay guy" comment, but knowing it comes from you, I just can't work up enough righteous indignation.

And yes, there is nothing more frightening than the thought of President Sarah Palin. I'll be having that nightmare tonight, thank you very much.

Louzilla said...

Not an angry comment, just something I'd like to point out... Ed Wood wasn't gay, just a transvestite. He liked women. Silly!

Kalli said...

I would pay money* to see the concept you originally envisioned!

*up to but not exceeding a couple of bucks**

**which in no way reflects on my estimation of the value of your work, but rather the limits of my budget

Love your work, Mr Piraro!

Piraro said...

You're all correct, of course, Ed Wood was not gay, only transvestite. I knew that as I've been a HUGE fan of his for decades, but I just like linking to those wacky pics from Glen or Glenda. Thanks for your diligence!

patrick said...

There might be a new horror movie in our future: The Nightmare on Main Street, where the lives of ordinary citizens are manipulated by the forces of invisible money coming from the likes of the Koch brothers, financing their right wing agenda due to the Citizens United Supreme Court decision.

Plan 9 Studios said...

Your a idiot more! If u where reel smart, youd no tha print on a carer caountsilor's windoe woud be backwords! HAHA! Comics Crumuggin is gunna nail you!!! Dont said I nver warnned you! Moran!

James said...

Here are some articles and videos you might find interesting.

- 3 Reasons This Election Didn't Change a Thing

- Obama Continues Bush's Failed Policies:

Anonymous said...

The Ed Wood comments remind me irresistibly of Bette Midler's wonderful joke:

"Did you hear about the Polish lesbian?"


"She liked ... men."

Plan 9 Studios said...

HAHAHAHA! Totally! You know, I'm not a racist, but Pollocks are all dumb.