Thursday, November 4, 2010


I recently did an interview with The Comics Journal and they have posted the first of three parts here:

Good lord, I talk a lot. They say that in Part 2 I talk about "why comic strips have gotten so bad." I hope I didn't name names.



elizabeth said...

Oh Redon would be so proud.

ojeano said...

Dear Dan, you use just the right amount of words in this interview. Any creative sort will get a lot out of this. I'm motivated by it.

As for the introvert/extrovert, it's not about shy/not shy. It sums up this way: Extroverts get energy from being outwardly focused; introverts get their energy from going within. The difference is also about their orientation to the world around them: An extrovert goes into the vegan bakery and thinks, "I wonder what kind of treat I'll have." An introvert goes into the same shop and thinks, "Hmm... look at that woman and child having a treat. I wonder if that's the mom or maybe the aunt... Are they happy? And what kind of day brought them here..."

In long:

JayFish said...

Gee, ojeano...dontcha think you can be curious and interested in other people and still be an extrovert? I certainly know people like that. Myers-Briggs pidgeon-holes a little too much for me.