Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Stuffed Lion

Bizarro is brought to you today by Working Class Heroes.

Today is my birthday, happy birthday to me.

It isn't actually the same day of the calendar that I was born, but my "actual" birthday was nothing more than an arbitrary day out of 365, so what difference does it really make? Let's just say it was November 11th and celebrate like it's 1999.

Please send monetary gifts to me via PayPal ( or post:
Dan Piraro
c/o King Features
300 W 57th St
15th floor
New York, NY 10019-5238

Thanks in advance to every one of you who sends a gift. My goal is to raise enough by the end of this year to pay off my credit card debt and discover a cure for shopping.


Melissa said...

I'm new here although I am a longtime Bizarro fan. Where is the Incredible Huck? I taped that one to my office door this morning. It reminded me of a bit "A Prairie Home Companion" did close to ten years ago poking fun at summer blockbuster films that included a movie adaptation of Emily Dickinson's life, complete with people falling out of windows and spectacular explosions.

Nashe^ said...

That totally made me LOL. At 2.45AM.

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday! Or not. I guess that's why you drew yourself in today's comic.

Ryan A. said...

You work in the Hearst tower?
One of my fav. architects designed that!

ojeano said...

Happy Birthday! I thought you might be a Scorpio... but the arbitrary date. Hmmm... a Gemini! Virgo? Aquarius... Pisces! That's it. You're a Saggitarius! Happy Birthday Dan Piraro. Whenever you were born, it has made my life better!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday - or un-birthday, as the case may be. Celebrate wildly in your birthday suit. Post photos. Regret posting photos for five years, then exchange regret and embarrassment for "I can't believe I was so YOUNG then!"

Pamela said...

Well, Happy Birthday to you!! I was sending some money to you, but this big tornado scooped up my house and lifted it high in the sky...sorry about that. Hope you had a good day.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Can i ask why you chose a piece of pie, dynamite, and an alien eyball?? it pretty much made my day when i noticed it. =]

Victor Rivera said...

You, sir, are a handsome liar.


Piraro said...

@Melissa...I usually post cartoons about a week after they appear in the paper, so Incredible Huck will be here soon.

@Ryne...I don't actually work in the Hearst Tower, that's where King Features is, who syndicates Bizarro. I work across town in Brooklyn.

@Anonymous...I chose the icons I did because the gods told me to. I was given no choice in the matter.

Daveintoronto said...

Happy Birthday, Dan!
P.S. Your cheque is in the mail.