Friday, November 13, 2009

Contest #11 WINNNERRRR!!!

Wow, what an exciting 24 hours it has been! Yesterday, inexplicably, my blog started going all screwy on me and people were having trouble viewing it. I managed to post the contest at 4pm NYC time, but could not actually view the page myself. I sent a note to Blogger Help about it, but you know how that can be sometimes. This morning, they sent me an answer and I fixed it. Whew!

Because of this evil act of malice perpetrated by unseen forces of darkness, many contestants had trouble viewing the contest. Please accept my apologies. But I guess some did not, because there were still enough entries to find winners. Here they be:

International Grand Prize Winner!!!!....Philip Crow (dude, I need your email address)
Second Prize Winner!!!...Ron Rounds
Third Prize Winner!!..Spyra

A few contestants got their answers in early enough to win, but did not list the "taller cactus" as one of the differences. Many contestants listed that one last, which tells me it was the hardest to spot. Fascinating. (I am touching my chin and nodding thoughtfully)

Many thanks and congrats to all who played, won, lost, loved, lived. You are what keeps me getting out of bed in the morning! (Or afternoon, depending)

Winning Answers:
1. kemosabe into kemosake
2. cowboy hat turned upside
3. conan o'brien
4. toucan on witch
5. floor pie switched
6. lone to love
7. monkey head into weird head
8. horse has pipe
9. dynamite moved positions
10. different amount of brown on right horse
11. arrow in Indian
12. buck teeth on right horse
13. different date on bottom right
14. dorothy has different colored ribbons
15. cactus is taller

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spyra said...

The bug on the page really freaked me out coz I thought I had caught a virus at work. I eventually found a way around it--when the page first loads up, I hit "stop" to stop loading and it doesn't go to the funny page. And then I proceeded to enjoy the rest of my day pretending I haven't been downloading porn or anything. Which, you know, I didn't. But yeah. The cactus just blended in so well.