Sunday, June 7, 2009

Toss Me a Bone

Bizarro is brought to you today by the Magic of Matrimony.

Today's offering is one of the stranger concepts I've bothered to turn into a Sunday comic. I got a few emails about it, not a lot. A couple people really loved it, though I'm not sure what about it they loved, exactly, a couple of people didn't understand it.

As for myself, I like the strangeness of it and the goofy drawing of the horse, but that's about all I can say. In retrospect, I wonder if I should have had the wiggly horse walking, come upon a skeleton, then in the final panel the skeleton is gone and the horse is trotting rigidly off thinking "much better." That might have made a more complete joke.

But when I wrote this, I was thinking of the cliche skeleton in the desert and thought it might be funny to have that skeleton belong to a living, flacid animal, rather than a dead one. As though it had wondered off.

That's it. No more depth of reasoning or meaning than that.

Special thanks to you readers who stopped by my table at the MoCCA Art Festival in NYC yesterday, where I was doing sketches for charity. Today I'll be at the Renegade Craft Fair in Brooklyn, perusing the goods. If you spot me and say "Gimee Pie," I'll give you a free pack of Bizarro trading cards!!!!!


Chriss Pagani said...

I think I would have liked it better with the final panel you mentioned. I don't see where you would have had room for it, though.

grinnock said...

I think it's hilarious, but when I first saw the horse all I could think of was Guernica.

Tegin said...

KUNTZ + DICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Penny Mitchell said...

Spotting you, gleefully stating, "Gimme pie," and receiving my Bizarro cards from you would make my life somehow more complete.

Alas, I'm in Colorado. Dammit.

ldisme said...

you're a genius

Gabriel! said...

Such a genius. Love your stuff.

Anonymous said...

I can't find the third, I really can't find the third, Mr. Piraro!

I'm sorry, I feel like a complete idiot n I'm sure it would be something really obvious but I really can't see more than two secret symbols.(the stick of dynamite and the Pie)

Please help me Mr. Piraro or I'll keep on staring at the comic for a further 10-12 hours before I can give up.

ur Fan,
Dee Sh

Anonymous said...

Btw, I do so love the way you painted the sky and also the face of the really happy horsey in the last panel of the comic, Mr. Piraro.

Ofcourse, your blog is where I get to see your new comics first and for a moment (before the make large of the comic) thought it was a weird looking hungry camel-dog happy at finding some bones, (then why could it not have had the Pie from the previous panel, I wondered)

EnNeways, made the thingy biggie, got the funnie inniet, smilie hardie, then bloggie commentie. TC

ur Fan,
Dee Sh

Piraro said...

@Anonymous (Dee Sh)...
You're right, there are only 2 symbols. I can't find the third, either. My editor usually catches mistakes like that. Either that, or I hid he last one so well I don't remember where it is.

It's an inexact science.

Anonymous said...

Whew! Means I Have managed to get all symbols (except the inverted BIRD with Mr. Humpty Dumpty, ofcourse) in each Bizarro that I've read. Thanks for clearing that up. Now I'd like to move on and get a life ;)


ur Fan,
Dee Sh

Jezzka said...

gosh diggity damnit i missed the renegade craft fair?? fugg it, just too much going on right now! son of a beach ball! i love the renegade craft fair, that's where i bought an old bing crosby record that was converted into a wall clock made from a lanky man in ontario. he traveled all the way just to sell his homemade wares at mcCarren park...sigh gotta love brooklyn!

did i miss anything good? aw fugg it, don't tell me, i don't want to hear all the goodies i missed! poo poo de poo.

Anonymous said...

Usually I get your cartoons, but this time I completely misunderstood, until I read your blog. I didn't catch on that the horse was wiggly and boneless, I just thought it was struggling in the desert, and came upon the remains of a lost companion, upon which he expressed satisfaction rather than grief at his discovery. I just figured you were being all dark and stuff.

The One and Only said...

Well it took about 5 minutes of severe contemplation, but I finally got it. At first it just looked like it was supposed to be a Picasso, which is understandable. I mean, how many of us have tried to draw a horse with no bones?

sheer.nothingness said...

I really like it, because of the inventive quasi cubist illustration of a boneless horse, and because of the sheer originality- my favorite bizarros are ones where I never once thought of anything resembling the idea in the comic. Those bones belong to a still living animal?? Aaaah! Short circuit!

Anonymous said...

I mean, how many of us have tried to draw a horse with no bones?

I sometimes wish I were a pastor, so that I could pepper my Sunday sermons with quotes like this one.