Friday, June 5, 2009

Bottleful of Messages

Bizarro is brought to you today by Sexy Killers.

I like finding new twists on cartoon cliches, like the man-on-a-desert-island theme, so I'm proud of this one.

I'm way behind on work and life and everything else, so I can't write much today. My week of comedy shows is coming up in a few days and I've got to get crackin'.

Just did an interview today for a show on Sirius XM satellite radio that will air sometime soon, but not sure when. The host, Mark Seman, is a great guy, we had a fun chat and I think it will make for interesting listening if you have that technology. I think the show is called "Getting Late" and also the term "Raw Dog" is somehow pertinent. If you're into that stuff, maybe you know when it's on. I can't find it on the Google.


JohnM said...

Great Comic! Although I'm sure there will be those who disagree. Also really like the one with the horse in the desert that ran a few days ago. Both made me laugh out loud.

Chriss Pagani said...

Yes, Raw Dog is the adult comedy channel. It's on Sirius 104 and XM 150. The program you mentioned runs at 11 pm eastern/8 pacific like Monday through Wednesday, I think.

If you happen to find out what night you're on, let us know!

(Also, if someone else passes along this info first, you can just delete my comment :)

Anonymous said...

does he really feel so lonely as if marooned even though in the middle of a (assuming, busy) road. A really interesting comic, Mr. Piraro. Best of Luck for ur Shows.


ur Fan,
Dee Sh

julie said...

You've outdone yourself on this one, Dan! This is one of the greatest takes on the man on an island theme. I absolutely love it. Fantastic.