Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A Head of the Pack

Bizarro is brought to you this week by Tasty Walkways.

This idea is a collaboration between my cartoonist/stand-up comic friend, Michael. I think he came up with the top two, I came up with the bottom two. Can't remember now.

He does a weekly cartoon for SF Gate, the Thursday entertainment guide in the San Francisco Chronicle. It used to be called "Cheap City" and was about bizarre ways to save money. Now he's changed it to "Surveillance Charicatures" and it's all over the map. Here's one of my recent faves.

I've done a few cartoons over the years about how those hands-free headset things have become fashion accessories among certain members of our society. If what they say about excessive use leading to brain tumors, eventually head bandages will become a status symbol, too.


Jeremy said...

I used to sell those for Verizon Wireless when I worked in one of their stores. They are(were) crazy expensive but they sold pretty well. The quality on some of them is AWEFUL but people like the wireless aspect and the fact that you don't have a phone to your ear blasting radiation into your head.

This cartoon on the other hand isn't that great. It seems like most of the stuff you get from Capozolla is crapolla. At least its not as bad as the week you had Francesco Marciuliano doing your comic.

derekamalo said...


No comment.

all im gonna say is this.. the word genius is overused. there are only two guys in there art fields i personally think had no flaws.

gregory hines tap dancing

Jim henson puppetry

when piraro uses an idea I have suggested i relate it to showing a pacino some acting lessons.

given dan on award side is pretty much in acting caliber

many nominations

few awards

no one who writes a consistent unfnny strip from a charcters viewpoint is a one..

especially this shit in newspapers

all struggling cartoonist feel their work is better of course

but sometimes it just is what it is

when you are better you are better

a friend of mine out in seattle reads every comic everyday and makes the same point ..i like bizarro, i like rubes whats with the other shit

ijust cant believe at times the incomes ome of these people posses sthey dont try to make things better

thats my opinion

im sure family circus creators are good people but two minds zero strips funny in 60 years come on whos bl*wing who

derekamalo said...

oh here we go someone will write in and say can you do better

answer is


just never given opportunity..

long live bizarro

derekamalo said...


hahahaha was lauging at crapola comment that i didnt even notice you referring to rubbish week ..lmao

Anonymous said...

Yeah, that was a rough week for the comic I think. Tons of complaints. Dan might like Francesco's comic, but apparently Dan has attracted people that don't.

I love Medium large, Ces is a genius.

derekamalo said...
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Jeremy said...

Fido 2,

I remember that week as being pretty controversial, and I put more than my 2 cents in. But genius? Hardly!

I am guessing you are also a big fan of Sally Forth?

guy who trapped monkey girl said...

The "...use leading to brain tumors..." is what I think. Every time I see a way too cool dude or dudette (sp? I think that they will be loving the chemo in 10+ years. Thus, will the shaven look will become much more popular then in LA? Or is this a form of Darwinism?

I also wonder if they even have a handphone like the fake carphone antennas that were popular in the 90's?

Karl said...

I would like to see a two headed head set, so it doesn't look like you're talking to yourself all the time.

Jeremy said...


You can get those. They act as stereo headphones and most have a microphone to use for talking if a call comes in while you are listening to music

Karl said...

Thanks Jeremy, I see how that would come in handy. Sounds cool.

The comment I made was sort of a cartoon idea (poor one I know) to have two heads on one body, so they could chat with each other and the one on the phone wouldn't look like he was talking to himself. Sorry about the confusion.

Anonymous said...

That last image of the "head bandage" looks like someone making Jiffy Pop using the latent radiation from using his cell phone....

Dave Stratton said...

This one slayed me. C'mon. "Headless Headset"? I peed myself a little bit. Thank you.

guy who trapped monkey girl said...

I sometimes think we should be handing out the headsets to the homeless who are screaming at no one. It would make them look legitimate

Homeless person:
(yelling to self)
"No no no I said no arrggghhhh"

Person #1:
(walking toward homeless person with person #2)
"Watch out for the guy having an episode... oh never mind, he is just talking on his bluetooth")

Jeremy said...


No, that sounds retarded. That like saying "Hey guys, you want you TV to show random channels at random intervals?!"

Answer: "No, I can do that myself with the remote..."

doug nicodemus said...

dan that first sentence gave me a headache...was he collaborating with himself? and if so how come you get the credit?

as country joe used to say "i know what you mean"

Unknown said...

I thought the "wireless phones lead to cancer" belief was disproven.

Jeremy said...


It has in that the modern phones we use these days put out such a small amount of power that its not an issue. The old analog phones that put out 3 watts were the problem. But analog is no longer used, shut down for a year now.

And on top of that, having a bluetooth headset means you don't have the phone near your head, so even less radiation running through you.

But people still think its a problem just as people still believe in evolution.

guy who trapped monkey girl said...

And at one time smoking was believed to healthy.

But people still don't think its a problem just as people still don't believe in evolution.

Karl said...

Since there doesn't seem to be a new Bizarro cartoon here tonight, this comment will be about the above headset cartoon again; Bio-engineered ears. Yes why not? Ears aren't the most attractive feature on the human body anyway, so why not design them to be more useful. Like for a cell phone receptacle (with charger) or perhaps, even cup holders or a coin dispenser.

Lee said...

I think you are bloody awesome, i love your comics

derekamalo said...

i did an amateur night with gary gulman in 2006 at boston copmedy connection where he was host ..i wiped the stage with him and his cookie jokes...he didnt like me cause i made people laugh...hope he brought some material wednesday