Sunday, November 9, 2008

Ultimate Compliment

Okay, Bizarro readers, here's a challenge for you. A reader from Asia has gotten several of my cartoons tattooed on his body. Here he is displaying his most recent addition, along with the cartoon that it came from.

Who's next? Send your Bizarro tattoo pictures to me care of this blog and I'll post them as they come in. Unless there are so many that I just can't keep up, at which point it will be first come, first posted. So hurry!

Be the first in your family to mark your body with Bizarro FOR LIFE!

(Click images to enlargenize them bigger)


Neil J Murphy said...

So how does the copyright release for something like this work?

isee3dtoo said...

Copyright -- just get Dan to sign it when it is done.

I think having the hidden icons tattooed all over your body with a number on your forehead might be cool. I could just imagine the conversation...

"I found the spaceship, now where is the pie?"

derekamalo said...

hey buddy , this is the original that i showed you was on ebay for $600 ,,,i put that link on here a few weeks back

dan youll be proud im about to put a password in that says nutor ..hahaha nutor..there listeing

doug nicodemus said...

no no no that is so wrong.

BUT that is my favorite cartoon of yours of all time. i wouldn't pay 600$$ for it (cause i don't have it) but it is still very cool.

derekamalo said...

Dan tell tattoo guy original ios right here

Jezzka said...


...or the firecracker! yao-za! hoo ha!

...or the eyeball(s)!! wooo!!

isee3dtoo said...


I'll show you my k2 if you show me yours

Daniel Joseph Sardella said...

i honestly lost track, but i'd say i paid about $2000 for this portion of my backpiece (the maxx, my favorite comic book by sam keith).

the top part of my backpiece (two painting by tamara de lempicka melded together) was about another $3000.

so yeah, my whole backpiece was about $5000 or more, but the money doesn't matter to me because i love the art and it was worth it.

this piece was inspired by artwork and ideas from dan's bizarro and other strange manifestations... book.

Piraro said...

That backpiece is amazing. Really well done!

Jezzka said...


that tattoo of the maxx with julie's eyes is great. sam keith is a terrific guy, i met him quite a few years ago and visited him in his sacramento studio. i got to help film and interview him for an article for a local arts mag.

the maxx comic was my favorite and he was kind enough to draw and color ink a sketch of the maxx with feathered headgear surrounded by bw isz, right on the spot. what a down to earth fellow.

kudos on a great tat!

Daniel Joseph Sardella said...




definitely jealous! i think i tried to email a pic of my tatt to sam through his website a couple years ago (which stopped being updated eons ago) but i don't know if it ever made its way to him.

i've only seen a handful of other people with maxx tattoos and mine is definitely the best one i've seen. heh heh. i don't mind bragging about my whole backpiece for two reasons: the original art isn't mine and neither is the tattoo art! but i will say both artists and my tattoo artist are all geniuses. (dan, i think you have the genius gene as well).

i wish sam was putting out more work; i really enjoyed my inner bimbo, though it was a lot of text!

Jezzka said...

at one point mtv had aired a few episodes of the maxx as an animated series. sad, that got nixed too.

the maxx was the last comic series in my comic collecting hay days. i never really got into another series, but i did like the artwork generated at that time by image comics artists.

i haven't thought about the maxx in ages, until i saw your tattoo, thanks for that sweet trip down memory lane. i wish sam put out more work too, he was really talented.

Daniel Joseph Sardella said...

jezzka -

i have the maxx mtv video tape!
i wish they would put it on dvd/blu-ray already (along with the loooooong delayed state dvd).

i actually stopped collecting comics for a few years when the maxx ended as well. then i started picking up a few titles here and there, which i still do. i'll buy anything by sam.

poor dan - all we're doing is talking about sam kieth!

Anonymous said...

I am the guy with the bizarro comnic tattos. I did seek permission from dan before I had the tattoo of the 180 street view and evolution of man. Dan send me the high resolution JPEG files of the images (Each about 4-5MB) and I did image processing from the source files. And the tattoo costs more than US$600 for evolution of man

Anonymous said...

hey anonymous - we got it the first time you posted. no need to bury us with the fact.

GAlcidesS said...

Sad but true. (the pic)