Monday, November 10, 2008

More Decorative Injuries

(Click images for biginations)

More tattoo images from my penpal in Asia. These are the two on his ribs, the edges of which can be seen in the picture of the larger image on his back in my previous post a couple of days ago.

This was a two-panel Sunday comic that he broke in half and placed on each rib. It's interesting that he chose to do these in black and white instead of the original color.

Okay, everybody, start sending in those Bizarro tattoo pics. I know there must be tens of thousands of you out there with my cartoons indelibly implanted beneath your skin.




doug nicodemus said...

no no no this is so wrong

do you have a tattoo?

ldisme said...

i'm dynamite!
does that count?

Janta said...

Hah, if you designed one that fitted the particular event I want to mark, I'd wear it on my left wrist... :)) (I should be so lucky). I am planning to get a tattoo next year and have picked out the tatooist (a fellow animal rights campaigner who does beautiful work), but I haven't quite figured out the design yet that I want. I've never had a tatoo before, but the time is right, I reckon. ;)

SAYOTTE316 said...


Is Duffau dead?

Does victor scout Playboy comics for Bizarro ideas to?

Is Jeremy really a virgin?

Is fran a guy?

Is that really Derek's day nurse?

Does derek really live with his mom?

Is Fran really anonymous and vice versa?

Is Fran really a guy or girl?

Why does anonymous repeatedly say piraro burries callahan on other spot?

Is iseedto banging c3po?

Is Fido's peperes anus still intact?

How many different countries does bizarro really appear in?

So whats the deal, does bizarro appear in 200 papers or 350 papers?

Whats the really count Ive seen different quotes on the net?

Does jeremy really have a fourth degree black belt?

Unknown said...

I hear the ribs, and in particular, the ribs underneath the arms, are one of the most painful places to get tattoos- perhaps he didn't have the patience to add the layer of color too? All said, though, it's a very detailed tattoo, and he must have endured a lot of work there already, so I'm not sure that's why.

I really like that he split it on the break in perspective.

Stevie G.B. said...

Now that is a real fan. I would love it someone tattooed one of my jokes on them. Maybe a pencil, for the world's funniest accountant? Now where could you tattoo a pencil...hmmm

"Welcome to my life Tattoo"
(An old Who song)

Anonymous said...

good questions, sayotte.

Robert Gidley said...

Do people need permission to get copyright material tattooed on their bodies? If enough people get Bizarro tattoos, we won't have to buy the books any more, we'll just head down to the beach.

Anonymous said...

I am the guy with the bizarro comnic tattos. I did seek permission from dan before I had the tattoo of the 180 street view and evolution of man. Dan send me the high resolution JPEG files of the images (Each about 4-5MB) and I di image processing from the source files.

zzz said...

hi anonymous: cool tattoos! :D