Tuesday, November 4, 2008

History Hits Us Between The Eyes

Today's the day, boys and girls and undecideds. Even if you're in a state with it's head screwed on straight and O is a shoo-in, get out there and pull the switch. Make me proud.

(To head off any confusion, the person at right is me, not McCain. I'm not actually on the ballot this year.)


Ariel said...

pleeeeeaseeee, do the right thing!!! with anxiety, from Italy

doug nicodemus said...

what a talented man you are...keep up the good works

Jezzka said...

i just voted on one of those old machines with a giant lever at the bottom. i love those industrial beasts!

the only thing is they're huge and i can barely reach the switches. so i asked one of the polling ladies for something to stand on. she brings back this step stool that is two inches high and proceeds to stack it on a craggly folding chair.

so i said, lady this chair is unstable, i can not stand on that. before i knew it, i had created a commotion, and i had four or five old ladies around me trying to figure out how i could vote and what i should stand on.

i finally said look, i will stand on that chair and i will be fine. this little old and very fragile lady insisted that she hold on to me and the chair as i voted, but would turn around to give me privacy.
(frankly even if i did fall the measly 2 feet off the ground, i would have crushed her like a bowling ball on a bag of potato chips)

once inside the booth, i realized the knobs had to be flipped a certain way, but couldn't figure out which way. i poked my head out and asked if anyone knew which way to turn the levers?

the little old fragile lady proceeded to demonstrate the direction the levers operate and went directly for the republican lever, i shouted whoa wait!! i was so ready to throw a sleeper hold on her.

after that close call, i really don't trust those old folks who volunteer at the polling places.

let's wait to celebrate and let the fat lady sing before we can breathe...just in case....

La Framéricaine said...

I did. Vote. Correctly.

And then I wore my Target 4th of July grey T-shirt with the bull terrier holding the American flag in its mouth, with a Target logo on its left eye to work as a talisman against the McCain/Palin ticket--"not that there's anything wrong with it."

Blogging effectively did away with my need for retail therapy--so many potential posts, so little time.

isee3dtoo said...


I would have gotten on my hands and knees and let you stand on my back...


If we are lucky in Michigan we might just get both hope and dope. Proposal 1 is to legalize medical marijuana. But we did just define marriage as between a man and a woman two years ago, so I'm not optimistic for both.... I'd settle for hope. But would like my dope too.

marine_explorer said...

Seems a lot of people/states had their head screwed on straight...imagine that. :-) Yay for Minnesota!